Teufelstättkopf North Ridge (Ski Hike)

Teufelstättkopf North Ridge (Ski Hike)

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Location Lat/Lon: 47.58590°N / 10.98510°E
Additional Information Route Type: Skiing
Seasons Season: Spring, Winter
Additional Information Time Required: Most of a day
Additional Information Difficulty: for beginners
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TeufelstättkopfUpper north ridge with summit (02 / 2010)

The north ridge of Teufelstättkopf (Devils Home Peak) is a classic and normally not very crowded. It is as a ski hike a little gem, too. Sliding through snowy woods, climbing up the ridge on a good ski track with the views getting better and better with every step you take, balancing atop the upper ridge crest with the exposed summit in front of you in the full winter sun, this is what Teufelstättkopf north ridge offers you.

As it is a rather short and not very demanding ski hike you might start later in the morning which is an advantage on a bitter cold January or February morning or you do some downhill variations with some short ascents in between to fill up your day.

It is a beginners route, too, if they are accompanied by more experienced ski hikers. And you can go down to August-Schuster-Haus on Pürschling, a nice alpine club hut open all year round to give you drinks - food - lodging.

The views from the summit are very nice and - as the devil shattered the whole summit block and blew the heavy boulders all around the main summit - you will nearly always find a sheltered place in the sun for your summit break, before skiing down the north exposed powder snow slopes.

Sometimes the devil does us a favour .....

Getting There

TeufelstättkopfThrough winterly enchanted woods ... (02 / 2010)

Trailhead is Unterammergau, Schleifmühle Inn.

  • From Munich take highway A 95 to Garmisch. Leave the highway at exit Sindelsdorf. Follow B 472, then St 2038 and B 2 to Murnau.

  • Alternatively leave the highway at exit Murnau and proceed on St 2062 to Murnau.

  • At Murnau follow St 2062 to Bad Kohlgrub and Saulgrub and B 23 to Unterammergau.

  • From Garmisch-Partenkirchen (likewise Innsbruck and Reutte regions) follow B 2 to Oberau and take B 23 to Unterammergau.

  • At Unterammergau leave the B 23 at the southern end of the village to the west (Liftweg) and follow the signposts to the ski lift valley stations. The parking area (fee required) is in front and behind the Schleifmühle Inn.

    Route Description

    TeufelstättkopfUpper north ridge (02 / 2010)

    At the end of the parking area take the forest road in the direction of Pürschling. The road ascends moderately into the Schleifmühlenlaine Valley and passes by some lonely houses.

    At a road junction follow the main road to the left (the steeper road straight on is a short cut to Pürschling) and cross the bridge over the Schleifmühlenlaine creek. The road then ascends more steeply and makes two switchbacks, reaching a broad level part of the valley.

    About 150 m after arriving at this level part, leave the forest road to the right. There nearly always is a ski ascent track, following an old forest road which leads immediately into the woods. The ski track uses parts of forest roads, leaves them again and generally ascends moderately in the direction of the now visible north ridge of Teufelstättkopf, keeping the orographic right side of a side valley and a little creek, called Kurztallaine.

    At last you reach the meadows of the beautiful Kühalm with a very nice view to Sonnenberg and to Estergebirge .

    TeufelstättkopfA window view from the Devils Home (02 / 2010)

    At Kühalm you reach the lower part of Teufelstättkopf north ridge. The ski track now ascends steeper up the ridge, zigzagging through more or less dense woods and continually gains height. The views are getting better and better and after some time you reach timber line and the dwarf pine zone.

    This is the more exposed and the most exiting part of the route. The track is now mainly following the ridge crest, offering great views to the west and the east. Some rock elevations have to be traversed on their northwest side. Finally the route reaches the last part of the ridge, which ends at a rock crest, facing the summit block. Depending on the snow conditions you have to climb down some meters into a notch. Leave the skies at the notch or at the end of the rock crest.

    TeufelstättkopfA view from the north ridge (02 / 2010)

    The summit block can be climbed by foot; it is a very steep ascend, about 25 meters of altitude difference, not difficult with good snow conditions, tricky when icy. There is a fixed iron rope, in winter most times buried under snow.

    Around the summit there is a chaos of boulders and rocks (that´s why this mountain is called “Devils Home Peak”) with many niches where you can pass some sunny and undisturbed moments (or hours).

    Downhill routes take you down the west ridge, to Pürschling / August-Schuster-Haus and down the “Zahnhang” to the forest road, leading down to Unterammergau.

    TeufelstättkopfTeufelstättkopf north slope (02 / 2009)

    Another downhill route is the north slope (different possibilities, due to snow conditions), through the woods and back to the forest road where the North Ridge ascent track leaves it.

    Most people ski down the north slope, ascend again up to Pürschling and ski down “Zahnhang”, thus making it a longer trip.

    Essential Gear & Difficulty

    TeufelstättkopfLonely Kühalm (02 / 2010)

    You need full ski hike gear and avalanche gear.

    Check the weather forecast here.

    Check the avalanche bulletin here.

    Difficulty: Beginners

    Reasons: It is a not very long and simple ski hike; the upper part of the ridge is a little exposed so some more experienced ski hikers should be with the beginner. The ridge track can be steep being a good training for the beginner.
    Be prepared to learn how to ski down steeper slopes, how to handle obstacles like dwarf pines and light woods.


    easy ski-hikes with moderate altitude difference, easy routes and simple downhill slopes

    Ski hikes for the more experienced, due to higher altitude differences and/or longer and more demanding routes including steep or exposed parts and steeper downhill slopes

    Only for experienced ski hikers and mountaineers; high altitude differences (> 1.500 m), long and demanding routes including steep and difficult route parts and/or rock scrambling and/or parts with crampons / ice axe to get on a summit; steep, exposed and / or narrow downhill slopes

    The difficulty rating shall give you a first advice about how demanding the ski route is. It is my personal rating. The reasons for the rating are given in the description. They are effective for “normal conditions” like good weather, Normal snow conditions and a moderate avalanche danger. Due to bad conditions (weather, snow, avalanches) a lower grade can tend to be more difficult.

    External Links

    TeufelstättkopfAugust-Schuster-Haus at Pürschling (02 / 2009)


  • Unterammergau

  • Oberammergau

  • you will find all sorts of accomodations.

    The mountain hut

  • August-Schuster-Haus

  • is open the whole year and offer accomodations, too.



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