Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 31.67208°N / 54.12964°E
Additional Information County: Iran
Activities Activities: Hiking, Mountaineering, Big Wall
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer
Additional Information Elevation: 13123 ft / 4000 m
Sign the Climber's Log


Brfkhanh mountain wall height 4011 m and 300 meters from one of its most beautiful peaks in the village of Iran Trzjan functions and Taft city in the southwest is located. Mr. Ali settled in the book Mountains of Iran; Mountain Brfkhanh Tzrjan several Peak division have one peak Tzrjan height 4000 m and the wall 300 meters from its peak Brfkhanh height 3950 with a wall 150 meters Vmyl Brfkhanh height 3850 meters and needle famous mountain known desire Fereiduni. for us to place the question was which peaks Brfkhanh is Which peak Tzrjan but research done Yazdi climbers brought to the conclusion that we were actually a mountain peak and its peak is Brfkhanh.

To reach the shelter of this peak at an altitude below 3200 meters and is located several Fereiduni desire Msyrvjvd that the most famous Pennyroyal Valley route, the path field is Mohsen Agha (summer course), but winter ascent route is between the edge direction Valley fold and Mr Mohsen Farm is located virulence is relatively steep. Svdtan better time in early March to select the heat problem and thus relaxes the snow Do not climb that will challenge ahead. Yazdi Friends We escorted up to the foot and then say goodbye and change clothes, breakfast beside the river and we spent 9 am began their ascent. program was the first day of climbing up shelters and lack of rest and continue on the path I will explain. Contrary to our expectations and the edge of the valley much snow that we had did not have imagined this would facilitate our work. valley fold at the beginning of spring water bottles filled and we got to ride the crest of this ridge We can directly convey the shelter. havens were less than 3 hours. Sanctuary with a capacity of 25 people a good springs beside located.
Other work other than cooking and after lunch did not even try to convince my children to traverse the slope below the wall and shooting it remains inconclusive and therefore out of the shelter inside the sleeping bag under the hot sun Bkhvabydym hour. Night After dinner, the Czech outfit once and we fixed them being crampon shoes I've tested and pack up ready for the attacks we have. outfit that we had with include: Tonic, eight landing carbine bolt and simple, single rope Prvsyk and a few belt loop 9 and 60 and 120 with the pick.
Second day of a long road ahead, we had a tie with 3.5 km between 45 to 55 degree slope with frozen snow, which requires crossing the crampon is close (more reasonable and more confidently step Brmydaryd) and then reach the top of the valley corridor hope that the climb is started. So what have earlier morning to navigate and you have more chance to climb back less involved in traversing the snow get immunizations. 5 am I got on the air was extremely cold and pray we stay in this cold Back in the time shortage problem of loose snow and snow and immunizations Nshvym boring face. The tie lasted until 2:45 atrium beginning at a time one hour average slope of 45 degrees. Vestibule at the beginning of a short break with a hot beverage in this cold dry air really to our living.
Atrium covered in snow and frozen stiff at first, and very little about the width of one meter has to work hard and stone from around the clamp Brhvrdar not appropriate here and we had ice axes to help We came up a Dray Tvlyng At first we thought. with a wide corridor become more comfortable working and what height would exert on the slope was added. In another two points before climbing the stone tower of stone that we all have a finger clamp that with the gloves and shoes and crampon Dvpvsh Svdsh a lot of time for us and was returned to the workshop was the need for landing.

Below the tower a stone pathway ahead if the path left that we climb, we of the slope less (60 degrees) to route the right has (dip direction right 70 to 75 degrees), here that ax ice really efficient they showed up here with fresh pollen of stone leading to the peak reached.
Crampon here that we open up and we have started to pollen. Possible with pin pollen is very good because in this area always has a lot of wind is usually snowy pollen does not remain so. The only thing that was strange for us was the lack of fragility pin. This we consider that this peak in the region is desert and the temperature difference between day and night are very high. Pollen from two or three parts in space is completely and with the support and Lakh hands and shoulder and eventually rejected, we climb the peak was 11 hours.
Back in the better direction for landing and chose the pollen landing Mdydm easier. Below the tower did not need to find a workshop or support came down to the end of the atrium.

After this work was easier and just 3.5 km from the traverse we had to face. Despite the cold weather with snow traverse vaccination was a lot of time and thus we were delayed an hour and a half you predict the shelter reached. half an hour break and returned to the village. 8 hours for a train ticket and the chance had brought us to a friend Yazdi completed station.
Tezerjan 4000On Shirkoh 4075m
tezerjan and bigwall 450mOn Shirkoh 4075m

Getting There

YAZD City - TAFT Small City – To Villag TEZERJAN
Getting There in Winter , YAZD City – TAFT Samall City – To Village DEH-BALA
Beside the camp site
Barf khane 3850(left) , Tezerjan 4000(left) , Gav o Gosale 3800 (right) in winter "K1Bahrini"

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