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This album is in honor of the Seven Continental High Points

Please sumbit your photos of the famous 7 summits here. You may submit photos of routes, scenery photos, informational, climbing shots, etc. Whatever you feel is appropriate. This album is so that we can get a taste of the 7 summits without having to bounce from page to page, although I will provide links. When posting photos please use name of Peak for title first for easier browsing, thanks!ENJOY!!!

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SP member 7summits

Mount Everest - Asia - 29,035 ft/ 8850 m
Aconcagua - South America - 22,841 ft/ 6962 m
Mount McKinley (Denali) - North America - 20,320 ft/ 6194 m
Mount Kilamanjaro - Africa - 19,340 ft/ 5895 m
Mount Elbrus - Europe - 18513 ft/ 5643 m
Vinson Massif - Antartica - 16,067 ft/ 4897 m
Carstenz-Pyramid - Oceanic Continent - 16,023 ft/ 4884 m
Mount Kosciusko/Tar Gan Gil - Australia - 7310 ft/ 2228 m

The last two listed are in somewhat of a controversy of which one belongs on the list of the seven summits.


Special thanks to SP member 7summits for giving me permission to post this album due to similarities between his website name and the name of this album.

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