The Adelsnadel : a famous climbing tower !

ADELSFELS (or Kleiner Adelsberg) : This small wooded mountain is having one of the most popular and famous climbing tower, for all the Palatinate region ! With a total height of more than 30 meters, is the Adelsnadel, considerated as one of the most spectacular towers of the sector ... Good ! The climbing walls are perfectly vertical and the site contains several very difficult climbing routes (degrees of technicity between 4 and 9 ! ). The Adelsnadel was climbed very early in the beginning of the 20th century (oldest date known : 1908 ! ). The site isn't marked and the pedestrian approach, to penetrate the rock, is hard : the site is still wild enough, the vegetation is very rich and dens, the summital part is still excellently preserved (there's no one path for reaching him ... ). To keep in a good preservation state, for all the pro-nature persons !


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