The Asselstein eastern approach

From the nearest " Climbing House " , which is localised on the boards of the " Trifels Road " (coming direct from Annweiler), you can reach very easily, the big monument of Asselstein !This one is offer to the climbers, one of the highest wall of climbing, in all the Palatinate sector (the maximal height of the southern walls is reaching 58 meters : not bad ! ). But, caution, because between february and july, the site can be closed and forbidden for the public : the peregrines falcons are often breeding and nesting here, on this very high and wild rock ... I'm too glad to say this, but it's the truth : in the Palatinate sector, there are too much rocks, which are assujeted to this very hard forestiary rule ! So, if you see a STOP sign, at the bases of this rock, please don't go there and don't be tempting to penetrate the site : if a forestian agent is catching you, you will have to be controled, with paying a very expensive money-punition ... In Germany, they aren't laughing with peregrines !


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