The Cadot Trail

Page Type: Route
Lat/Lon: 42.96880°N / 72.0365°W
Route Type: Hike
Time Required: Half a day
Difficulty: Class 1


VIA THE CADOT TRAIL: Take 123 west from Hancock, NH. About 2 miles down the road make a left on Hunts Pond Rd (sign marks the Harris Center). Make a left on Kings Highway. Take the Kings Highway past the Harris Center and make right on old Dublin Road. Take the old Dublin Road a mile and quarter where the trail is on the right.

Route Description

From the summit of Skatutakee...

The Cadot Trail
1.7 miles
1300 feet elevation gain

The Cadot Trail is a much more difficult trail than the Harriskat Trail. The trail itself contains over 600 feet in elevation gain than the Harriskat Trail and is considerably steeper because of it. Formerly named the Beeline Trail the begin a a gradul to moderate climb. The trail goes past a number of stream crossing on the first round. After the the last of five crossing the trail becomes steeper. Then after make a right curve this trail becomes fairly steep and the climb is continues this pitch until just before reaching the summit.

Essential Gear

Though this trail is hardest of the Harris Center Trail it is clearly a class 1 trail. In summer, if you have good hiking boots and water, you can hike this mountain. In winter crampons, yaltraks, and or snowshoes are highly recommended. As with all mountains check weather before going. This mountain is not very popular in winter and often hikers in winter arre in the single digits the entire day.

Miscellaneous Info

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