The China Wall Boulder

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Utah, United States, North America
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Spring, Summer, Fall
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Less than two hours

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The China Wall Boulder
Created On: Oct 27, 2009
Last Edited On: Jan 16, 2011

The China Wall Boulder Overview

The China Wall Boulder is great for novinces new at the art of bouldering. Located right next to the Little Cottonwood Canyon highway, this boulder does not see as much traffic as you would expect. This boulder has it all. A close walk, an epic river crossing (scary in the spring time) and easy climbing. For the preservation of the granite so that future novinces may enjoy this route, it is highly recommended that you remove all mud from your shoes prior to each climb. For some reason the area is always muddy.
Climber on top of the China Wall BoulderThe China Wall Boulder

Getting There

Drive up Little Cottonwood Canyon until you hit the "China Wall" (a large berm to prevent wet slides from covering the road) and park here. You know you are close when the highway gos from 1 lane to 2 lanes. Park, cross the highway, make it past the LCC river, look slightly down hill and you'll see it.
The China Wall BoulderDanielle on The China Wall
Me on the China Wall BoulderMe on the China Wall

Route Description

The entire Boulder has several different routes ideal for those who are new at bouldering. All of which are only 4 to 6 moves total but the hand holds are great for beginners who are straight out of the rock gym.
The China Wall BoulderThe China Wall's easier side
The China Wall BoulderAngel on the China Wall Boulder