The Correct Trail to Mount Aeneas

The correct trail from Trail # 717. Vantana is standing on the trail that leads to Birch Lake. His dog, Schaffer, is standing on the CORRECT trail which leads to Mount Aeneas.

Behind Schaffer is a jeep trail which was used to pull a trailer house which serves a a Microwave Rely Station to the saddle below Mount Aeneas. Both the trail and the jeep trail lead to the Mircowave Rely Station. The jeep trail is steeper and more direct.

Notes from the Aenease Route Page:
Upon reaching this intersection there are three options of travel. To describe the correct fork follow a clockwise rotation as the options are described. The left and right trails are Alpine # 7. The trail that immediately heads up the hill is trail # 717 and leads to Mount Aeneas. The correct trail begins to gain altitude almost immediately as compared to the others that remain flat for a while.


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