The Devil's Needles

The Devil's Needles

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Photos-Schemas of the Lambert-Gallay-Stagni winter 1rst ascent

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A Tragic adventure on Mont-Blanc - The 1rst winter traverse of the Devil's Needles

Climbing on one of the Needle

Climbing l Isolée

The Devil s Needles schema

Climbing the Carmen Needle

Manoeuvers between the Mediane and Carmen

Bivouac summit of Mont Blanc du Tacul

In the storm

The crevasse

Overall views ot the devil's Needle and the Mont Blanc du tacul range

Overall view

View from the Noth

The Needles seen from the Kufner

View of the Needles from above

Devi s Needles from the Mer de glace

The Mont Blanc du Tacul range

The Devil s Needles

Devil s Needles details

The Mont Blanc du Tacul range

Modern climbing views of the Devil's Needles in the summer

The Devil s pass

A slab at the beginning of the traverse

The start of the ridge

the Chaubert Needle

Pitch of French V

The Médiane

Y a du gaz !

The letter box

The top of the ridge

The summit ridge and wall going to the summit og Mont Blanc du tacul

Some photos of Raymond Lambert

The Lambert crack

Lambert and Tenzing

Everest 1952 - Raymond with Aubert, Flory and Tenzing

Raymond with Geiger


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