The Hideout

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Colorado, United States, North America
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Half a day
Class 4

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The Hideout
Created On: Oct 29, 2003
Last Edited On: Apr 4, 2005


This route starts at Bill Moore Lake, the beginning of the route follows the broken path up to the continental divide. The Hideout gets its name from a eroded cave that you must pass through, the cave makes a small "Hideout".

Route Description

The rule of thumb (I apologies to all the feminists out there) is for every steap technical section for this route, a “easy” portion follows it.

Start out at Bill Moore Lake TH, Witter should be on your right, follow the shore on the south side of the lake, there will be a slight trail that goes through the brush so be on the lookout. This broken trail continues on through the valley and up to the divide . The trail dissipates as it goes over a small incline, but starts back up again. stay on the trail untill you come close to a stream. You will have to cross the stream, it is not that wide and you should be able to jump over it. Just after the crossing keep your eyes on the lookout for a deep cut leading up to the col between the two highest points visible at the base of the mountain, this is where the route starts. When you are close enough cross the other stream and walk towards it, there is no real path so try to take the path of least resistance through the brush. Continue up, climbing up the rock field to the trough. Up until now it has been largely class 2 hiking, about the only problems you might face is route finding and trying not to sprain an ankle. This is where it starts to get fun, climb strait up the trough. For every hard move there is a nice ledge to take a break for the first couple hundred feet or so. It is here that you will pass through a small cave like structure. There is a short 3rd class section that follows this, don’t think that the rest is easy though as you can see what lies ahead of you, more 4th class climbing! The easiest line of assent would be on the far left side, don’t forget to stay in the trough though, if you go too far left you will find yourself in the coular parallel to the route described. After climbing this portion you should have nice scramble to a false summit. The real summit will become visible on your left, it is just short easy hike.


Essential Gear

For this route I would defiantly bring a helmet. Much of the rock is loose and it is almost impossible not to knock down rocks. Rope and the essential gear is not necessary on this climb, however this depends entirely on your comfort level. I did this route with out them but this might not be the case for everyone. Dress warm for this route preferably something that is wind proof, the wind is horrible on the summit. Other than that just take what you would normaly bring on a hike. A camera is also required for this climb ;-).

Bad Rock!

Be very careful to test your handholds on this route, much of the rock is rotten. The handhold that you are about to grab onto may look stable, you might get a surprise.

Be Safe!!!