The Indian Peaks from Mount Meeker

The Indian Peaks seen from Mount Meeker (north). Point 12,391 ("Red Deer Mountain", left) and Point 12,277 (right) are the two rounded peaks at the center of the picture. Behind Red Deer Mountain is "Algonquin"--another unnamed summit--and further up is Apache peak's large north face. To the left (east) or Red Deer Mountain is Sawtooth Mountain, hardly recognizable from this angle. The Lone Eagle Cirque is visible, from "Iroquois" to Achonee, to the right of Apache. Other summits that can be seen include Audubon, Paiute, South and North Arapaho, Navajo, "Jasper," and Neva. Directly above Neva, in the background and south of the Indian Peaks Wilderness, are the twin peaks of Grays and Torreys. August 2004. Photo by HoonSang Jin.


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