The main ridge of the Glockner group, from Kellersberg to Johannisberg

This is the main ridge of the Glockner group.

The Kellersberg (3267m) is on the far left.

The Grossglockner, the highest peak on the ridge and also the highest of Austria, is just left of center. If you look very closely, you may be able to spot the spectacularly situated Erzherzog Johan Hütte between the Kellersberg and the Grossglockner. From this high alpine hut it takes just two hours or so to climb it - in good conditions.

The broad peak to the right of the Grossglockner is the Glocknerwand (3722m).

A little bit further right, next to the Teufelskamp saddle and barely higher, the first snow peak is the Teufelskamp (3511m).

The next saddle is the Romariswandsattle, with on its right side the Romariswandkopf (3511m) barely sticking out - it actually appears to be lower than the saddle, but that's only because it's a bit further away.

Still further right, the last peak on the ridge is Eiskögele (3426m). After that, the ridge drops to the Untere Ödenwinkelscharte (3160m).

Finally, on the far right of the photo, is the Johannisberg (3453m).

29 August 2011.


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