The morning sky while on...

The morning sky while on approach, winter



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hardcore photo- what kind of camera/film did you use?

Joe Hanssen

Joe Hanssen - Apr 28, 2003 11:50 am - Hasn't voted

Re: nice

•E100S slide film (Kodak Ektachrome ISO100)

•Nikon N80 or Canon Rebel (Can't remember which I had on the trip)

•28-105 Macro Zoom lense

•Polarizer (darkened the sky to bring out the clouds)

35mm slide film is the medium I like to use. You can scan slides to put on the web or do Powerpoint, you can get archival prints made, do slide shows, or make dupes and send to mags. You have more room to play and manipulate an exposure when using film, as opposed to the digital revolution. Many claim they like the instant digital photo to see whether or not to erase it. I still like to get back a bag of slides and see them all on a light box, toss what is unnecessary and label the rest to archive. I believe I have close to 7000 slides archived now. I used Kodak E100 series film for many years, and have switched to Fuji for the last few years to get a feel for which film works for different compositions.

I primarily use the Nikon N80 camera because it is compact, lightweight and will take professional shots with the right lenses. The N90, F100 and F5 are all heavier, mainly due to a larger engine, which is good for fast action sports like mt biking or skiing. But the N80 has all the features one would want for climbing or landscape shots.

The big $ is in the lenses. I am nowhere near what I would like for lenses. A good lense is the same price as a standard full suspension mt bike.

Also, developing (E-6) is important, and using a pro lab, though more expensive, is well worth it.

If you purchase anything having to do with photography, first look at it in a local store, then consider purchasing through B & H Photo. You wouldn't be supporting the local store, but you would save $ and they don't charge tax.

Also, you will find many monotonous, but good threads on photography at

(was my response monotonous enough for ya!)


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