The natural beauty of the mountain peak semeru

The natural beauty of the mountain peak semeru

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The natural beauty of the mountain peak semeru

Mount Semeru has a special place for Hindus and Buddhists in Indonesia in general. because the mountain is personified as a sacred mountain located in India. in Hindu and Buddhist cosmology Semeru derived from Sanskrit which means Sumeru "Meru Supreme" is the center of the universe either physical or metaphysical (spiritual). The mountain is believed to be the the gods (Shiva). The mountain is also considered a "Linga Acala" phallus that does not move as well as means phallus that is not created by man. In the ancient Javanese language, Acala is also interpreted a mountain or rock .. In the texts "Purana" India classified the book Upaweda (a further explanation of the Vedas) does mention God Mahatunggal sits atop Mahameru, which is also known by the name of Mount Kailasa or Mount Hima.

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Once in the eastern part of Java island turns would still not balanced. Finally, the Gods decided to cut off the peak of Mount Semeru then menjatuhkanya west side of the sea, and these pieces form a new mountain, the Mount Pawitra, or the now familiar we are familiar with the name of Mount Pananggungan. Mount Semeru legend gives an overview related to the spread of Hinduism understood Siwaistis of Indian land to the land of the archipelago, based in Java, and left a major impact on the beliefs and culture of the Tengger tribe until today.

Arcopodo itself was first discovered by the late. Norman Edwin and Herman O Loud, Mapala University of Indonesia in 1984. Two years later, Norman returned to the two Arca and wrote his findings in the journal Nature in 1986. Swara afterwards another unknown Arcapodo existence, as if Arca had disappeared mysteriously and become a myth among climbers. It was only in November 2011. Compass Ring of Fire Expedition team searching to refute the existence of Arca deemed to have been missing for more than 25 years. The result, which is considered Arcopodo mysteriously disappeared it was never lost. Arca was still in place at the time of the late Norman Edwin and Herman O Loud find him.

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