the NE corridor

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marrakech, Morocco, Africa
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Half a day
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5.4 (YDS)

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the NE corridor
Created On: May 26, 2006
Last Edited On: May 28, 2006


In the E of l'Oukameiden mountain, a little bit after the lift arrival, you have three corridors NE oriented which are unknown and unused, but which are very good for if you have not so much time or if you want to train on a daily basis.

The first one called 'the NE cooridor' is the first one looking from the lift arrival in the E direction, a little bit down face to you. About 600 meters, PD alpin level, quite large at the beginning.

The second one called 'the central NE corridor', is the second one, a little bit farest than the first. About 600 m, AD/TD level,very small.

The last one called 'the oriental NE corridor', is a little bit farest than the seocnd one. About 600 m, PD level, very large.

I propose to call them :
. first one : the Ouka funnel
. second one : the pass ord die corridor
. third one : the flying in the sky corridor

Getting There

See the memo to l'Oukameiden. By foot from the hut or the hotel, you join the departure of the lift to the top, you continue following the smal route first in the E direction and then on the S, you will see on your right hand a big comb with in the middle a big packet of rocks, and the the 3 corridors.

You reach the feet of the rocks and then you start. Route and direction are very clear : follow the corridor.

Route Description

for the Ouka funnel ( the NE corridor ), you go on the right side, following the rocks which stay on your left hand.

First part (at 2700 m) is oriented SW on 300 vertical meters and then you have to turn in the S direction to join the top ( at 3100 m) with still the rocks on your left hand.

From this point begin the descent, with the first part like a funnel, large at the beginning and the much more tight after the turn in the NE direction.
Coming to the end of the rocks, you will remarq the arrival of the two others corridors. You continue in the valey direction, crossing the route and going down until the river ( at 2550 m).

Essential Gear

cramps, snowboard, ski

External Links

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miscellaneous info

Not known, not made or by very few people, be carefull and take information at 'chalet du caf'


the NE corridor

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