The northern side of the Rödelstein massiv : a jungle !

Look at this picture now. It represents the northern side of the Rödelstein massiv, which is directly localised over the village of Vorderweidenthal. This photo was taken from the nearest hiking-way, which is marked and is coming from the village of Oberschlettenbach (at the north, a little be farther). Here is the forest very dens, deep and savage. The leafy forest countains at the floor, too much ferns and nettles ... Be cautious, because you're not autorised to walk here and to destroy a remarkable vegetation. The rock is strongly protected and he's also considerated as a natural and savage reserve (the peregrine falcons are breeding on this rock, between february and july ! ). Equally, is this north-face of the Rödelstein massiv, very dark and moist : because the sun cannot penetrate up to the floor, the vegetation is forever staying humid and the ticks are very numerous here ! Warning, it can be a very big danger for your lives : the Lyme-illness can be hard of consequences ! Headache and heart signs, troubles with the muscles have to alert you !!! So, if you're walking in a very savage and jungly forestian part, please be cautious and have forever a look at your skin ! We never know ...


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