The Quandary of Clipper

Clipper Peak (9,207') rises in the central part of the Oquirrhs, and can be clearly seen from within the city of Tooele, when looking southeast.

On the peak's west side, the steepness of Clipper Ridge makes this peak
very difficult to climb. In fact, I do not know if anyone's ever did it
from this side.

However, West Mountain (to the right of Clipper), can be "accessed" from 7,700-ft. Butterfield's Pass.

This picture was taken after the long winter gave way to Spring.
Normally, you won't find this much green.

Especially, looking to the east of Clipper - THERE you'll find the
gaping hole of the world-famous Kennecott copper pit.

Not to worry! On a clear day, the views are incredible!

May 20, 2010

Here's Clipper's summit from Mick's Mountain Page :


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