The routes on the South Tower...

The routes on the South Tower of Paine from the east. A - Hoth Route, B - the East Face / Mala Pata route attempted by the author. The red dot shows the high point reached and the red X shows where the I was hit by the rock while bivouaced on the summit bid. C - the In The Eye of the Hurricane route, which shares 4 - 6 pitches with the Mala Pata route. Note that the new route " Self Right to Suicide " follows route C, then shortly after joining route B, goes left around the giant roof ( where routes B and C go right ) and on to the summit. D - the original North Ridge route climbed in 1963.

I believe this is the first time anyone has attempted to show all the climbs visable from the East like this. Information was taken from the 1993 and 2000 American Alpine Journals and our 1984 / 85 expedition. Info on " Self Right to Suicide " from Alpinist Magazine # 7. The route lines shown are not exact but close, and give a good idea of their relationship to one another.


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