The Smith Summit(s) - there...

The Smith Summit(s) - there are actually two of them - from The Platform or from the west. The East (on the left) is reachable only from the east (opposite side) via The East Wall route (5.8X) - referred to as "Oregon Death Tour" by Allan Watts. The West (on the right) had only a single recorded ascent which involved shooting an arrow with a thin wire attached over its top and then fixing a prusik rope (see Climber's Guide to Smith Rock by A. Watts). According to the book, the horrible rock prevents any from trying. Note that there has been recent (as in after the last edition of the guidebook has been published) new route activity by R. Lawson and co. in the vicinity of the Smith Group. As a result some of this information could be out of date. See Smith Group Spires overview (December 20, 2003).


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