Page Type Page Type: Trip Report
Date Date Climbed/Hiked: Jun 23, 2009
Activities Activities: Canyoneering
Seasons Season: Spring

Getting there

If you are headed to Zions from the south you would take the state street/ highway 9 exit. If you are headed to Zions from the north then you would take the


Because we missed this sign and the little path that leads up to the right we actually went on a six mile total detour. We basically just kept hiking and hiking until Paul recommended that we turn around since he was convinced that we missed the turn off to the trail head. Our little detour hike was actually very pretty. The extra six miles really seemed to go by very fast. We were walking along a side trail that wrapped around the canyons. Even though the extra six miles did hurt my feet I thought the hike was very pretty and would make a great little day hike for younger kids or adults who aren't feeling super ambitious.

The obstacles

Obstacles can vary from year to year depending on the water level, but these are the obstacles that we faced during our trip. I will note that most of the literature that we read in preparation for the trip advised us to bring a rope and harness. We did end up bringing a climbing rope and a harness, but we never found a chance to use it. There were four spots that were a little sketchy, but we were able to find a ways to get down without breaking out the climbing rope.

Obstacle #1 -

The Hike

Wildlife Spotted

This is Lizard land galore. Lizards are constantly running back and forth across the trail on the way down to the canyon. We also spotted a horny toad (which wasn't extremely exciting to us, but we grew up catching horny toads). There were a few small frogs in some of the wading pools. Paul and Shane spotted some good sized fish in the steam leading out of the canyon. I also found an antler shed which was very large.

Notes for next time

Things that I would do different for next time are as follow:
- I would break in my pair of hiking sandles. Dont make this hike thier first one or your feet will be hurting for days as did mine. I would however highly recommend hiking this with a good pair of hiking sandels since you will be in and out of the water throughout the hike.
- I would also bring a nice dry bag to put my day pack inside of. This would be convenient when you come to a water obstacle because you wouldn't have to be extrememly careful about not getting things wet and you wouldn't have to worry about your lunch or camera getting soaked. Paul brought a few large zip lock bags that we stuffed our packs in, but there were so many packs stuffed into one sack that occasioanlly they would rip open and some things ended up getting wet.
- Make sure you bring a water Purifier. Paul saved us by bringing his. Since we went on a six mile detour we would have really been struggling for water at the end of the hike if we weren't able to refill our camelbacks.


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