The summit of the Backelstein : totally free !

This picture is a general view, of the Backelstein's west-summit ... To the opposite direction, so at the east, there is a small secured platform, which is giving us a view in the deeper valley of Backelstein-Halde ... But, recoming to this west part of the Backelstein's summit : here is the platform unsecured and totally free, so can the site being very dangerous for the joung public (parents have here to keep their kids on the hands, if they don't want to have a critical and mortal accident ! ). The height of the sandstone walls is very important (maximal 58 meters in the southface ! ). The Backelstein is very good known, for hard-climbing ! And, also, is the Backelstein considerated as a very old Middelage castel. You will here find many traces of human occupations. Open our eyes very good and you will understand why directly... So, you'll don't want be surprised, with the many traces that you will see here over ! The vegetation on the top of the Backelstein is remarkable, and protected ! So, respect at best, the site, which is also the site of the peregrine falcon and wild owl breeding ! I had informed you, so please, do this !


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