The tectonic 39 summits

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The tectonic 39 summits

Our planet is divided in 53 tectonic plates that we know of, most of them supporting at least, some landmass. By climbing the 7 summits, you've climbed each highest point of each continent according to man. These are the 39 highpoints according to nature.

This list is compiled as accurate as possible. I've omitted tectonic plates measuring less than 20,000 square kms, because these are mostly no "true" continental plates, but a result of an active magmaplume, or broke up because of friction between larger plates.
I've also not included any plates which highest point is below an ocean of any kind, don't expect too many divers here.

All together i ended up with 39 plates.

Because some tectonic summits are really obscure, and because our geomorphological knowledge increases steadily (Tectonism wasn't even accepted by the scientific community until well into the 60's) this list should not be considered 100% accurate. If you have any information i should know, let me know.

The 39 summits

Eurasian: Mount Everest, 8850m, Himalaya
Persian: Tirich Mīr, 7708m, Kindu Kush
South American: Aconcagua, 6962m, Andes
North Andean: Chimborazo, 6267m, Equador
North American: Denali, 6194m, Alaska Range
Somali: Kilimanjaro, 5895m, Tanzania
African: Margherita Peak, 5109m, Ruwenzori, Uganda
Antarctic: Vinson, 4897m, Ellsworth Range
Maoke: Carstensz Pyramid, 4884m, Irian Jaya
Woodlark: Mandala, 4760m, Irian Jaya
Okhotsk: Klyuchevskaya Sopka, 4750m, Kamchatka Peninsula
Apulian: Dufourspitze, 4634m, Pennine Alps
Caribbean: Tajumulco, 4220m, Guatemala
Pacific: Mauna Kea, 4205m, Hawai'i
Sunda: Kinabalu, 4101m, Borneo
Phillipine: Yushan, 3952m, Taiwan
Anatolian: Kackar Dagi, 3932m, Pontian Alps
Panama: Chirripó, 3819m, Costa Rica
Arabian: Jabal an Nabi Shu'ayb, 3760m, Yemen
Australian: Mount Cook, 3754m, Southern Alps
Banda: Bulu Rantekombola, 3478m, Sulawesi
Birma: Gunung Leuser, 3466m, Sumatra
Amurian: Kita-Dake, 3192m, Honshu Island
Egeian: Kizlar Sivrisi, 3070m, Taurus Mountains
Timor: Tata Mailau, 2986m, East Timor
Scotia: Mount Paget, 2934m, South Georgia
Bird's Head: Gunung Umsini, 2926m, Irian Jaya
Bismarck: Mount Balbi, 2715m, Bougainville Island
Molluca: Gunung Kau Palatmada, 2700m, Buru Island
India: Anai Mudi, 2695m, Cardamom Hills, Kerala
Iberian: Torta Ceredo, 2648m, Cantabrian Mountains
Yangtse: Fenghuang Shan, 2570m, Guizhou
Okinawa: Miyanoura-Dake, 1935m, Yakushima Island
New Hebrides - Fiji: Mount Tabwemasana, 1877m, Espiritu Santo Island
Nazca: Volc√°n Wolf, 1707m, Isabela Island
South Sandwich, Mount Belinda, 1370m, Montagu Island
Mariana: Agrigan, 965m, Agrigan Island
Cocos: Cerro Iglesias, 671m, Cocos Island
Carolina: Mount Ngerchelchauus 242m, Baeldaob Island, Palau