The top-view from the Westturm, with Vorderweidenthal and his valley !

Dear hikers and climbers, here is a very spectacular photo, which corresponds to the top-view, that we can have, from the Westturm summit ! The small and short climb to reach this summit is easy, but the young people need to be accompanied with their parents to pretending of going there ! The summit of this rock is unsecurised and dangerous enough, but the panorama is fabulous, atomical ! See the photo with your own eyes : at the central plan, you can see the village of Vorderweidenthal and at the underground, you can know the Berwartstein castle (Erlenbach village). The summit is made with very tall plat rocks, without vegetation : the site is very good for a natural and wild pique-nique (eating and drinking free, alone, in a very preservated flora ! ). The Rödelstein is certainly one of my best rocks, that I'd still never been visiting !


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