This is a perfect...

This is a perfect illustration of a glacial valley. Closest to the bottom of the picture what you are looking at is the head of the huge Nyack Valley, which wraps around to the west (R) of Mount Phillips (large dome mountain on the right), then continues, as though completing a gigantic circle, on west, passing to the north of Mount Stimson, then angling SW until Nyack Creek eventually empties into the Middle Fork of the Flathead River. Although the delineation point can't be seen in this photograph, the upper end of the valley in this shot is actually the Coal Creek Valley. What separates the Nyack and Coal Creek Valleys is a ridge known as Surprise Pass, with the head waters of the respective creeks beginning on one side or other of that "divide"—Coal Creek Valley also wraps around to the west (R), but at the upper end of what lies before you, until it too empties into the Middle Fork of the Flathead River. Photo by Vernon, July 24, 2005, taken just upon beginning the ascent of Tinkham Mtn proper.


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