This photo taken from the...

This photo taken from the...

This photo taken from the second belay of Blitzableiter shows a strange alignement of the Varlaam and Roussanou monasteries (actually untill today I hadn't seen that the Varlaam monastery was in the picture too).

Roussanou is the one on the ground and the middle tower and Varlaam is visible on the top of the tower in the back. This alignment is clear in this picture taken from Varlaam (yes, this was the monastery in "For your eyes only"). You can see Roussanou and Gammawand tower in the distant right. The Deltawand tower (from where I took my photo) is half hidden behind it.

If the tower names sound German to you, well... they are. The first ascents ever in Meteora were done by Dietrich Hasse and Heinz Lothar Stutte.
on Apr 2, 2004 9:28 am
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