Page Type Page Type: Trip Report
Date Date Climbed/Hiked: Aug 15, 2010
Seasons Season: Summer

Several "Firsts" on this trip

Great Trip, but to clear up the "stinking route" I admit it was no suprise, but the odor from vents seen in "primary id photo" was persisitent with the winds flowing down the Glacier almost the entire trip. Is that typical for this side? Whatever. OK, the firsts: (1)Two new climbers, Jennifer and husband Eddie climb their first Volcano together. (2) All of us were "first" for this route on Baker, we ususally do the CD route since we are in the Bellingham area. (3) One of Jennifer's brother is a pilot, another a photographer. When they found out she was climbing Baker, they decided to fly over while we were on the summit photograph the accomplishment. Nothing else unusual about the trip from a climber's perspective, routine otherwise. One of our party got sick, so Nick volunteered to descend with her allowing the rest to team up for the summit. I have to acknowledge his unselfishment to address this need. I owe him big time for letting me go with my group to the top. Thanks Nick. We just made our way to the top. We realized that the previous goal for timing to the top with the arrival of the plane was not going to work. Eddie's phone made connections up high, so he told our pilot to delay 1 hour. We got to a nearly windless, comfortable summit to eat and wait about 20 minutes to hear the plane coming. We all had the radios to talk to him, so we were just waiting for the photo shoot. Some claimed the "Paparazzi" follow where ever we go... I let you vote on that one. Glacier seemed in good shape to us, not to difficult to find our way around a couple of crevasses. I was expecting more of a problem this time of year, but easy picking. Not to many people either. WE could see south to Glacier Peak, Rainier, West to the Olympics, East and North. Great trip...again. I never tire of this climbing stuff with good friends.


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