Through Stolaczykovo Sedlo

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High Tatra, Slovakia, Europe
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easy rock climbing
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Half a day

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Through Stolaczykovo Sedlo
Created On: Oct 28, 2005
Last Edited On: Nov 3, 2005


From Chata pri Zelenom Plese (how to get to Chata pri Zelenom Plese look at main page of Baranie Rohy)

Route Description

It is a very beautiful trip leading among the most “honourable” peaks of Tatra: Kezmarski Stit (Kiezmarski Szczyt), Lomnicky Stit (Lomnica), Pysny Stit (Durny Szczyt) and Cierny Stit (Czarny Szczyt). By a fog very difficult to find!

1. Chata pri Zelenom Plese – Stolarczykovo Sedlo (UIAA 0+) 2 h 30 min

From Chata pri Zelenom Plese take the red marked trail leading to Skalnate Pleso and after a few meters beyond a bridge on Biela Voda Kezmarska stream turn right (west) (through fence) on a non-marked, good treaded path. Follow this path, first along the south shore of Zelene Pleso, next among dwarf mountain pine (pinus mugo) and finally on screes to a high (100m), rocky step of Vel’ka Zmrzla (Dzika) Valley with two picturesque waterfalls. Ascend to a foot of the wall on the right from waterfalls to a beginning of a rib.

Climb through the rocky step following protective chains on a lower verge of Vel’ka Zmrzla Valley. Now, our rout leads by a bottom of the valley through screes and grass (follow cairns). A middle rocky step take to the left side and turn right to the foot of Cierny Stit (Czarny Szczyt).

Now, you should see remarkable, long, scree-rocky-grassy ramp leading up obliquely to Stolaczykovo Sedlo. Take this ramp (upper part exposed) to the pass.

2. Stolaczykovo Sedlo – Baranie Rohy (UIAA I) 1h

On the pass turn left (south-west) and climb by a ridge on Vysna Barania Straznica (Wyzni Barani Zwornik) – the first summit of Baranie Rohy’s massif, lying in the main chain of Tatra Mountains (about 30 min). Here turn left (south-east) and climb through a few crags of the edge (first take to the left), in a big exposure, on a main summit of Baranie Rohy.

Essential Gear

in summer: normal hiking gear, for no good climbers rope and a few loops
in winter: it is serious alpine rout, crampons, ice axes, rope, a few loops, ice screws and pitons

Miscellaneous Info

Dear Slovakian Friends!
If you know the Slovakian name of ramp leading on Stolarczykovo Sedlo (photo) - in Polish Papirusowa Drabina, please send mi it !