Tie-Dye's 1st visit to the Crazies (Twin Lake's Area)

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Montana, United States, North America
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Jun 6, 2006
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Tie-Dye's 1st visit to the Crazies (Twin Lake's Area)
Created On: Jun 11, 2006
Last Edited On: Dec 14, 2006

Getting There

My friend Kelly and I recently decided to make an imprompto trip to the Crazy Mtns. We have always dreamed of going, but never seemed to find the time. With only two full days off of work, we departed on 6-6-06 (kinda freaky). We drove to Big Timber, MT, and from there got on Hwy 191 heading north. We then turned left on County Rd. 25 (Wormser Rd.) through some private land and a gate before reaching the parking area of the trailhead, and Half Moon Campground, located at the base of Big Timber Pk. (elev. 10,795)
Our intention was to stay at Granite Lake, (trail #118, via trail #119) located on the Eastern side of the Crazy Mtns., and between Crazy Pk. (to the south) and Granite Pk. (on the north). After Parking and packing everything up, be began what was like a 3-4 mile hike to Granite Lake. Along the way, there was run-off streams everywhere, the most spectacular of which was Big Timber Falls.
Big Timber Creek Falls trail

Which is located about 1/2 mile up the trailhead.
These falls were Severly flooded, and made for quite a sight to see. At about 3 miles of hiking, we came to a marker to Granite/Blue Lakes, trail #118.
Choices, Choices

Once we crossed the stream on trail #118, the trail disappeared in many feet of snow. We determined it would be a bad idea to continue, and turned around to proceed once again on trail #119 to Twin Lakes. We made camp on the shores of the eastern Twin Lake, which offered this spectacular view. The entire area around camp was still snow covered, and the lake had fragments of ice on it, which made fly fishing for dinner impossible...damn! We were able to set up camp in a small area under some trees that wasn't snow covered.

Hiking around Twin Lakes

On 6-7-06, we decided to attempt to climb around the area, and explore the waterfalls we saw and heard from camp.The first being this fall that we saw from camp, and came to the conclusion that it was the runoff from Oasis Lakes that sat above our camp. The climb up was much harder than originally expected, (which it always is). but the view from the top looking over Oasis Lakes was worth it. We continued to hike along the ridge westward from Oasis Lakes, to a point below Conical Pk. and Pt. 10,437. After a short break, we began our decent because the idea of summiting Conical Pk. was out of the question. (The distance was a lot farther than it looked, and we were without gaiters. We had to attempt to stay on top of the snow the entire distance. But, the ride down the slopes was sooooo worth it, we discovered that with some good balancing, you could "ski" down the ridge in our hiking boots. After a few falls, we had it mastered. After a quick meal back at camp, of instant potatoes and rice, we decided that we must again attempt this trip at a later date, that would allow better access to the area, without as much snowcover.

Coming Home

Well, I needed to work at 11am in Bozeman, (about 2 hrs drive) and still hike out on 6-8-06. Well, unfourtuantly our cell phones did NOT wake either of us up at 5am as intended, but I woke up about 7am. This only allowed 2 hrs to get out. The entire trip we RAN out, as safely as possible. Once reaching Big Timber, MT again at 10:30 (still an hour from Bozeman), I was able to call work and tell them I would be running late. While driving to work at almost noon, over an hour late, I called work again, and was told that I was not needed for the morning shift since it had been a slow morning. UUUURRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Irony at its best...



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Tie-Dye's 1st visit to the Crazies (Twin Lake's Area)

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