Arizona - Cochise Stronghold

Inner Passage
The Wasteland
Moby Dick
Mystery of the Desert
Ides of Middlemarch
Forest Lawn
Absinthe of Mallet
Days of Future Past

Arizona - Granite Mountain

Said and Done
Magnolia Thunderpussy

Arizona - Sedona

Sedona's Scenic Cruise
Dr. Rubo's Wild Ride
Original Route (The Mace)
Earth Angel
Space Balls
Big Corner

California - Joshua Tree

The Awfulwidth (Completed 1/7/12)
Championship Wrestling (Completed 12/26/11)
Tumbling Rainbow (Completed 12/26/11)
Damper (Completed 11/13/11)
Tax Man (Completed 1/7/12)
Prepackaged (Completed 12/31/11)
Head Over Heels (Completed 12/31/11)
Modern Warfare
Ball Bearing (Completed 1/22/12)
Bird of Fire (Completed 1/1/12)
I Can't Believe It's a Girdle
Tails of Poodles
Left Banana Crack (Completed 1/7/12)
O'Kelley's Crack
Clean and Jerk (Completed 1/22/12)
The Decompensator of Lhasa
Imaginary Voyage
Perpetual Motion
Poodle Woof
Heart of Darkness
Crime of the Century
Grit Roof
Right Banana Crack
Left Ski Track
Coarse and Buggy
Jumping Jack Crack
Way of Life
More Monkey Than Funky

California - The Needles

Magic Dragon
Imaginary Voyage
Anti-Jello Crack
Airy Interlude (Completed 2012)
Thin Ice (Completed 2012)
Fancy Free
The Spell
Tobin's Dihedral
The Don Juan Wall

California - Owens River Gorge

Sendero Luminoso
Hardly Wallbanger
Yellow Peril
Knucko's Pride of the North
Towering Inferno

California - Riverside Quarry

Original Sin (RP 4/15/2012)
Pity Committee
Double Whammy (RP 4/9/2012)
Flesh and Blood (RP 4/7/2012)
Vascular Massacre
Automatic Static (OS 4/14/2012)
Fueled By Slander
Magic Mushroom
Culture Shock
Schwazzle Dazzle
Nostalgia (HD 4/27/2012)
Violator (RP 4/15/2012)
Inspiration (RP 4/7/2012)
Demoralizer (TR clean 4/6/2012)
All Washed Up
Catch 22
Raging Raptor
Forbidden Fruit
Swank Nostalgia

California - Sierra

North Ridge, Lone Pine Peak
Direct South Face, Lone Pine Peak
Venusian Blind, Temple Crag
Swiss Arete, Mt. Sill
East Face, Mt. Whitney
North Arete, Matterhorn Peak
East Buttress, Mt. Whitney
Moon Goddess Arete, Temple Crag
North Arete, Bear Creek Spire
Southeast Face, Clyde Minaret
South Face, Charlotte Dome (Completed 2012)
North Buttress, Mt. Goode
East Face, The Turret
Fishhook Arete, Mt. Russell
Mithril Dihedral, Mt. Russell
Beeline, Incredible Hulk
Direct North Buttress, Merriam Peak
South Face, Regge Pole
Sun Ribbon Arete, Temple Crag
Third Pillar, Dana Plateau
Red Dihedral, Incredible Hulk
Western Front, Mt. Russell
Polish Route, Incredible Hulk
East Face, The Duck
Dark Star, Temple Crag
Harding Route, Keeler Needle
The Flying Buttress, Meriam Peak
Positive Vibrations, Incredible Hulk

California - Sierra Eastside

Classic Crack, Little Egypt
Pratt's Crack
Regular Route, Elderberry Buttress
West Face, Cardinal Pinnacle
Smokestack, Rabbit's Ears
Rites of Spring
Dangling in the Tournafortia

California - Sierra Westside

Domelands (anything)
Shuteye Ridge (anything)
Tollhouse Traverse, Tollhouse Rock
South Face, Moro Rock
A Little Nukey, Courtright Reservoir
California Dreamin, Lamont Pinnacles
Prow of Cobra, Gorge of Despair
Sands of Time, Calveras Dome
Regular Route, Castle Rock Spire
Tehipite Dome (anything)

California - Tahquitz / Suicide

The Pirate (Solo aid, C2)
Flower of High Rank
Open Book (Completed 2012)
The Consolation (Completed 2012)
El Camino Real (Completed 2012)
Super Pooper
The Y Crack
The Vampire

California - Tuolumne Meadows

Southeast Buttress, Cathedral Peak (Completed 2012)
Matthes Crest (Completed 2012)
West Crack, DAFF Dome (Completed 2012)
On The Lamb
Regular Route, Fairview Dome (Completed 2012)
Crescent Arch, DAFF Dome
My Favorite Things
Cooke Book
The Sting
Serrated Edge
Lucky Streaks, Fairview Dome

California - Yosemite (Aid)

Skull Queen
The Prow (Completed 2012)
Lost Arrow Spire
Lurking Fear
The Nose
Salathe Wall
Muir Wall
Tangerine Trip

California - Yosemite (Free)

Snake Dike
Braille Book
Super Slide (Completed 2012)
Kor-Beck, Middle Cathedral
Regular Route, Lower Cathedral Spire
Regular Route, Higher Cathedral Spire
Entrance Exam
Central Pillar of Frenzy
Reed's Direct (Completed 2012)
East Corner, Higher Cathedral Spire
Northeast Buttress, Higher Cathedral
Royal Arches (Completed 2012)
East Buttress, El Capitan
East Buttress, Middle Cathedral (Completed 1/14/12)
Direct North Buttress, Middle Cathedral
Serenity Crack
Wheat Thin
Outer Limits

California - Yosemite (Wide)

Moby Dick, Left
Absolutely Free
Henley Quits
Reed's Left
Doggie Do
Sacherer Crack
Bongs Away, Center
Secret Storm
The Slack, Left
Midterm (Completed 2012)
Edge of Night
Mental Block
Steppin Out
Twilight Zone
Blind Faith
Bad Ass @Momma
Space Invaders

Colorado - Eldorado Canyon

The Bastille Crack
The Yellow Spur
Blind Faith
Handcracker Direct
Rosy Crucifixion
The Naked Edge

Colorado - Lumpy Ridge

Loose Ends
Fat City Crack
Crack of Fear

Colorado - Rocky Mountain NP

South Face, Petit Grepon
Sykes Sickle
The Flying Buttress, Mt. Meeker
Casual Route, The Diamond
Pervertical Sanctuary, The Diamond

Colorado - South Platte

Center Route
Drumstick Direct
Wunsch's Dihedral
The Expensive Route

Idaho - Sawtooth Range

Mountaineer's Route
Astro Elephant
Splittgerber-March Direct
Direct Beckey

Nevada - Red Rocks

Olive Oil
Birdland (Completed 02/14)
Lotta Balls
Dark Shadows (Completed 02/14)
Rainbow Buttress (Completed 1/28/12)
Crimson Chrysalis
The Misunderstanding (Completed 1/2/12)
Honeycomb Chimney
Frigid Air Buttress
Pink Tornado Left
Harsh Width
Black Orpheus (Completed 02/14)
Honcho Imposter
The Gobbler
Atman (Completed 11/24/11)
Wholesome Fullback
Overhanging Hangover
Sour Mash (Completed 1/3/12)
Gwondonna Land Boogie
Horizontal Departure
Western Swing (Completed 12/10/11)
Yellow Brick Road
Triassic Sands (Completed 1/2/12)
La Cierta Edad
Prince of Darkness
Eagle Dance
Inti Watana
Step Into The Squeezer
Resolution Arete
Brass Balls
Orange Clonus
The Fox (Completed 1/29/12)
The Schwa
Adventure Punks
Our Father
Risk Brothers Roof (Completed 3/10/12)
Pro Choice
The Warrior
Yin and Yang (Followed 11/24/11 with hangs)
Ten Minute Shift
Woman of Mountain Dreams
Levitation 29
Cloud Tower
The Original Route, Rainbow Wall

Oregon - Trout Creek

Anorexic Doughboy
Gold Rush
Lively Up Yourself
Two Step Left
JR Token

Utah - Wasatch Range

The West Slabs
Lowe Route
The Green Adjective
Triple Overhangs
Stiffler's Mom

Utah - Desert Towers (Aid)

West Face, Three Gossips
Southwest Face, Arrowhead Spire
Death by Hands, The Organ
Finger of Fate
Zenyatta Entrada
Artist Tears

Utah - Desert Towers (Free)

Otto's Route
Right Chimney, Three Penguins
Jah Man
Dunn Route
Honeymoon Chimney
Fine Jade
Primrose Dihedrals

Utah - Indian Creek

Binou's Crack - Donnelly Canyon
Generic Crack - Donnelly Canyon
Bunny Slope - Critic's Choice
Gorilla - Supercrack Buttress
Supercrack - Supercrack Buttress (Completed 11/20/11)
IHC - Supercrack Buttress (Completed 11/20/11)
Wavy Gravy - Scarface
Chest Full of Kind - Critic's Choice
Neat - The Optimator
No Name Crack - Supercrack Buttress
Hayutake - The Optimator
Sickle - Original Meat Wall
Bad Rad Duality - Supercrack Buttress
Fat Free - Supercrack Buttress
Meat Hooks - Original Meat Wall
4x4 - 4x4 Wall
Whale's Back - Technicolor Wall
Think Pink - Battle of the Bulge
Fat Cat - Cat Wall
Sinestra - Original Meat Wall
Crack Attack - Battle of the Bulge
Pente - Reservoir Wall
Rock Lobster - Broken Tooth
Jews On Crack - The Optimator
Lightning Bolt Cracks - North Six Shooter
Scarface - Scarface
Ernie Used to Box - Reservoir Wall
Blue Gramma - Blue Gramma Cliff
Twitch - Scarface
Sacred Space - Bridger Jacks
King Cat - Cat Wall
Critic's Choice - Critic's Choice

Utah - Indian Creek (Wide)

Way Nutter - Rambo Wall
Sparkling Schloob - Sparks Wall
Green Eggs and Ham - 2nd Meat Wall
Low Cholesterol - 2nd Meat Wall
Desire - Rambo Wall
Pigs in a Slot - Supercrack Buttress
The Moon also Rises - Battle of the Bulge
Serrator Crack - Rambo Wall
Amaretto Corner - Supercrack Buttress
Hole in the Wall - Battle of the Bulge
Good Times - Rambo Wall
Grindhouse - Rambo Wall
Pussy Wuss Crack - Broken Tooth
Binge and Purge - Supercrack Buttress
Big Guy - Scarface
David - Technicolor Wall
The Big Baby - Battle of the Bulge
Monster Truck - 4x4

Utah - Zion NP (Aid)

Moonlight Buttress (Completed 2/7/12)
Touchstone Wall
Prodigal Son
Sheer Lunacy
Lunar Ecstacy
Lovelace, The Fang Wall
Crack in the Cosmic Egg
Tricks of the Trade
Gatekeeper Crack
The Fang Spire

Utah - Zion NP (Free)

Mortal Combat
The Coke Explosion
The Oxbow Incident
Cheyenne Social Club
Mythical Kings & Iguanas
Take Back The Rainbow
Immaculate Conception
Cherry Crack
Golden Gate
The Dark Tower
Kung Fu Fighter
Holy Roller
Northeast Buttress of Angels Landing
Road to Cumorah

Washington - Beacon Rock

SE Corner (Completed 07/13) 
Jill's Thrill (Completed 07/13)
Young Warriors (Completed 07/13)
Blownout (Completed 07/13)
Windsurfer (Completed 08/13)

Wyoming - Devils Tower

Tulgey Wood
Hollywood & Vine
One Way Sunset
El Matador

Wyoming - Teton Range

Upper Exum Ridge
Lower Exum Ridge
Irene's Arete
North Face Standard
North Ridge
Direct South Buttress
The Snaz
Caveat Emptor
Sunshine Daydream

Wyoming - Vedauwoo

Horn's Mother

Wyoming - Wind River Range

East Ridge, Wolf's Head
North Ridge, Steeple Peak
Northeast Face, Pingora
Minor Dihedral
Black Elk

Canada - Bugaboos

North East Ridge, Bugaboo Spire
Wiessner's Route, Snowpatch Spire
Wildflowers, Snowpatch Spire
McTech Arete, Crescent Spire
Beckey-Chouinard, South Howser Tower
Sunshine Crack, Snowpatch Spire

Canada - Squamish

Rock On
Split Beaver
Angel's Crest
The Grand Wall

Mexico - El Potrero Chico

Will The Wolf Survive
Pancho Villa Rides Again
Treasure of the Sierra Madre
Snott Girlz
Space Boyz
Time Wave Zero

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