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Khorasan Razavi, Iran, Asia
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Tofang dareh
Created On: May 12, 2008
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Mashhad city is located in North East of Iran .
Hezarmasjed range is locted in north of Khorasan Razavi province and Mashhad city .
There is a village at south of Hezarmasjed range called Kharkad . It's about 50 km. north of Mashhad city .
There is another village at north of Hezarmasjed range called Idalik . Idalik is famouse because of its rice fields .
Between this two villages , there is a long narrow valley with 24 waterfalls called Tofangdareh . Height of waterfalls is from 3 to 45 m.

Bayram ghaleBayramghaleh

From Kharkad village you have a 2 hrs. trekking toward top of Hezarmasjed range and a peak called Bayramghaleh .

On the Hezarmasjed range you'll find the enterance of Tofangdareh in N 36.58.920 & E 59.29.405 at the height of 2567 m. from sea level .

In Tofangdareh valley you should descend 22 waterfalls to reach the Sistan valley at height of 1000 m. Sistan valley is famouse because of its lonliness , red soil and snakes !
There you walk toward Idalik valley and after descending from another 2 waterfalls , you'll reach to one of the most beautiful villages of the world called Idalik .

There are many great old Juniper trees (called "Ors" in farsi) in Tofangdareh and Sistan vallies .

Getting There

You can rent a car from Mashhad city to Kharkad village where you'll begin your treking and then canyoneering . The road is about 50 km. that the first 40 km. is main and the last 10 km. is gravel road .

After passing the Tofang Dareh valley , you'll reach the Idalik village . You can rent another car from Idalik to Mashhad (about 200 km. main road).
The historic city of Kalat is on the way at about 30 km. of Idalik village that you can visit it .

Red Tape

There is no Red Tape in the area.


Camping is allowed every where . But never camp in narrow valleies . Because if it was raining , there is no way to scape !
The little jungle at the middle of Tofangdareh valley , Sistan Valley , beside of Kharkad and Idalik villages are the best places for camping .

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Tofang dareh

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