Torreys Peak- the second of two peaks this beautiful morning.

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Colorado, United States, North America
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Aug 28, 2004
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Created On: Sep 10, 2005
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Torreys Peak
From Grays Peak summit
Saturday August 28, 2004

I had reached the summit of Grays Peak via the trail from Steven’s Gulch and on the way I had passed a guy named Bob nearing the top on one of the switchbacks; we hooked-up at the summit and decided to go over to Torreys Peak together. We left the summit at 9:12AM and began the rather steep descent down the trail on the west side of Grays that leads to the saddle that runs between these two peaks, this trail is clearly marked with a sign at the Grays summit and is quite good.

The trail zig-zags a bit between the rocks but is otherwise straight down and quite direct and we reached the saddle in fairly short order where is levels-out and then starts to climb up the ridge leading to the Torreys Peak summit. We each stopped for a brief rest before ascending the ridge and looking to the right and back down to the gulch we could now see many people coming up the trail, some going to Grays Peak and others heading our way to Torreys Peak across a traverse.

The sun was now rising higher in the sky and the temperature was warming; there had been some ice on the way up to Grays but things were now pretty well thawed except in some of the shadows. The trail ascends rather steeply up the ridge and we paused a couple of times to rest, but otherwise kept moving and reached the Torreys Peak summit at 9:50 to find seven people on top of which four had reached to same way we did, and the others had ascended up across Kelso’s Ridge, a far more strenuous climb from the trailhead at Steven’s Gulch.

Pleasantries and congrats were exchanged by all and many photos taken with each others cameras; there was a good mixture of male, female, young & older and the atmosphere was downright giddy with lots of smiles & laughs by all, really nice. Many more people soon arrived and the summit was filling fast, Bob started back down to the trailhead as we bid our a dues, but I stayed a little longer and soaked in the sun, spectacular views, took some more photos, and chilled with the growing crowd a little as it was just plain fun up there. I stayed 20 mins or so then started back down.

I went back down the ridge to the saddle then beared to the left and headed down the traverse and back to the main trail leading up from the gulch. I took my time and took many more photos and spoke to many more people coming up as I was heading down. A lot of people go to these two peaks, but I found the mix to be very friendly & congenial this fine morning and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Back to the trailhead at 11:45…… 3rd 14’er, and another beautiful Colorado morning. Sweet!!


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