Page Type Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Location Lat/Lon: 46.29986°N / 9.06269°E
Additional Information County: Leventina / Calanca
Activities Activities: Hiking, Scrambling
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall
Additional Information Elevation: 8760 ft / 2670 m
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Forcel (2577m)Forcel
Looking downLooking Down
View from the RouteView from the Route

In the beautiful Valle Leventina rises the 2670 meters high Torrono Rosso almost 2500 meters above the valley floor. Looking up from the blue green coloured Ticino River Torrone Rosso stands a little bit in the shadow of its more famous neighbor Pizzo di Claro (Visagno, 2727m). The so called Pizzo di Claro Range consists of a N-S orientated ridge of peaks of which Pizzo di Claro is the most Southern Peak. The next major peak in line towards the North is Torrone Rosso followed by Madone (2670m), Mottone (2692m) and Forcel (2577m).

The climb of Torrone Rosso is graded T4 and can be described as a ‘difficult mountain walk’. On the contrary to Pizzo di Claro no marked path leads up to the summit. However, the summit is visible at all moments which makes route-finding fairly easy. The ascent is characterized by the crossing of grass-fields in the downpart of the climb and with some rock scrambling at the top part before reaching the summit. For as far as I know this summit is, apart from mountain goats, very seldomly climbed.

Summit views are extraordinary. Towards the south rises the slighty higher Pizzo di Claro. Towards the west you have a breathtaking view into the Leventina Valley with the Leventina- West ridge above. In the distance the snowy Monte Rosa peaks (4634m) are visible as well. Towards the North you can recognize peaks like Mottone, Forcel and Torrone Alto. Towards the east you look down into the very quiet, but very beautiful Valle Calanca. Also many Graubundener peaks are visible since the summit ridge of Torrone Rosso is the border between Tessin/ Ticino and Graubunden/ Grisons.

Torrone Rosso (2670m)A Cow in front of Torrone Rosso(2670m)

Route 1: Brogoldone

Torrone Rosso (2670m)Torrone Rosso (2670m)

Capanna BrogoldoneCapanna Brogoldone


Pizzo di Claro, Torrone Rosso, MadoneClaro, Rosso, Madone

The route starts at the top of the Lumino-Monte Sauru cableway (1215m)
from here you need to follow the route towards 'Capanna Brogoldone' (1904m). This part is a very well marked route, with a little elevation gain.
From Brogoldone the route gets really beautiful. The path goes up to the long ridge of Pizzo di Claro which devides the Calanca and Leventina Valleys. The route may contain some loose stones, so watch your step. The route is marked very well though.

At the end of the ridge there is a split-up. You have come to the point summit pyramid is right in front of you. Turn right at this point and continue to follow the markings. At your left is always Pizzo di Claro, stay at the same alevation and continue your way. When you passed Pizzo di Claro you will get a second peak on your left side. This is Torrone Rosso. There is no route or whatsoever to the summit. But it is easy to follow the less-steep parts and find your way up to the summit of Torrone Rosso. Ascent goes the same way down or descending along the Calanca side is a nice option as well. (Route 2)

Route 2: Val Calanca

Route 2 starts at the ending of the road above Arvigo. At this small parking place you have reached an elevation of about 1800 meters. You will head up towards the west in the direction of Torrone Rosso, which is visible from every point on the route. You will pass Alp di Stabveder (1950) and higher up Point 2322m before reaching the summit of Torrone Rosso.

Both routes are graded T4: The summit part requires some easy scrambling and route finding. The rest of both routes is T2/T3 and fairly easy.
Pizzo di Claro, with first...Torrone Rosso and Pizzo di Claro as seen from North

Getting There

Pizzo di Claro RangePizzo di Claro RANGE; Pizzo di Claro, Torrone Rosso, Madone, Mottone and Forcel
Getting CloseAlmost at the Top


For Route 1:
Coming from Gotthard, drive down towards Bellinzona and go off at 'Bellinzona-Nord'
From there follow the signs 'Lumino'
Coming from Italy it's the same thing. On the highway (there's only one going through Ticino) go off at Bellinzona-Nord.

For Route 2:
Coming from Gotthard or Milano on the A2 highway: Near Bellinzona take the exit towards ‘San Bernardino’ Follow the road until the exit Roveredo/ Grono/ Val Calanca.
Follow the signs into Val Calanca until you reach the village named Arvigo. Turn left in the village center. This road leads you all the way up to a parking spot at 1800m, the starting point for the climb.

Huts / Camping

Hidden FallsCenso Falls
Almost unknown...Censo Falls near camping Al Censo

Camping Al Censo, Claro ( for route 1) A beautiful campsite just a couple of miles away from Lumino. For more info:
camping Al Censo

It is possible to stay in Capanna Brogoldone (1900m) During the whole season there is a women who hosts the hut, For a small amount of money you can stay the night and enjoy a good meal cooked by the host. Also beautiful is the view at night towards Bellinzona, capital of the ticino-area.


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