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Tournette (La)
Created On: Apr 3, 2005
Last Edited On: Oct 14, 2005


La Tournette is the highest summit around the Annecy Lake. The summit is one of the most outstanding panoramas of the Alps. From the top, you see the half of the french Alps from Mont Blanc to La Meije and from Pointe Percée to Mont Aiguille.

The normal, and most picturesque route climbs on the lake side from Aulp collar. The climb on La Tournette provides an exciting hike and the summit is often crowded, particularly on autumn sundays when the sky is clear.
If you prefer loneliness climb on the other side from Montmin or from Praz d'Zeures hut.

La Tournette is located on the east side of the little part of the Annely lake. The average height of the mountains around the lake is 1700m so La Tournette looks like a giant. In the east, La Tournette dominates the Montremont valley and faces the Aravis barrier.

Getting There

From Annecy , follow the eastern bank of the Annecy Lake to Talloires and Forclaz collar. After the collar, cross the hamlet La Côte. Just before Montmin turn left to Le Bois and Les Prés Ronds. Continue on the trail to Aulp collar

From Faverges, you can reach the Aulp collar over Vesonne and Montmin.

To Annecy by car :
Highway Paris - Lyon A6 or Marseille Lyon A7.
Lyon - Chambéry - Annecy
A41 then A43.
Exit Annecy Sud.

To Faverges by car :
Lyon - Chambéry - Albertville - Faverges

Nearest station
Station Annecy : 08 36 35 35 35
5 TGV / day from Paris to Annecy (3H37 minutes).

Nearest airports
Airport Geneva Cointrin : 45 mn
Tél. 00 41 22 717 71 11
Airport Lyon St Exupéry : 1H15
Airport Chambéry : 45mn
Airport Annecy-Meythet : à 20 mn
Tél. 04 50 27 30 06

Red Tape

No red tape

Routes overview

1) From Aulps collar : normal route

2) From Montmin over Pointe de Bajulaz

3) From Praz d'Zeures hut

4) From Montremont valley over col des Frêtes du Rosairy

5) Climbing possibilities : Paroi du Casset (4 climbing routes)


1) Blonay Dufour or Casset hut, 1774 m
Private, 25 beds
Tel : or
Open 15 June - 15 September + WE

2) Praz Dzeures hut 1750m
Private, 25 beds
No winter room

3) Gîte communal of Pré-Vérel 1330m
On the road to Col d'Aulp
Tel 04 50 60 71 05 or 06 07 13 50 72
Open 15 June - 30 September + WE

4) Chalet of Aulp de Montmin 1420m
Tel or

5) Chalet de la Froulaz 1420m

6) Chalet-hôtel of Rosairy 1610m
Tel 06 08 84 86 90
Open all the year, 20 beds
Very nice reception by the gardian Vincent Frossard.
Highly advisable !

7) Abri des Varos 1372m
10 places


- Domaine La Chapelle Saint Claude

Open from Easter to September 30
Address :
74290 Talloires
Tel : +33.(0)450.603.697
Fax : +33. (0)450.603.705
e-mail :

- Le Lanfonnet, Talloires

Open May 1 to Sept. 28
Address :
Angon S Berthier 74290 Talloires
tel / fax : 04 50 60 72 12 ou 04 50 23 38 82
e-mail :

When To Climb

From June to October
With skis untill begin May from the Rosairy side

Mountain Conditions

Forecast for the département:
Météo France Haute-Savoie : tel. +33 (0)8 36 68 02 74
Météo France Savoie : tel. +33 (0)8 36 68 02 73.


IGN Karte 1:25 000, 3431 OT Lac d’Annecy

Annecy, the town

The town in France's eastern Haute-Savoie region has preserved its17th century core of winding cobblestone alleys, stone townhouses and gardenia-lined canals, which are positively riddled with swans.The city has many fine churches, monasteries, and seminaries. A 13th century island prison juts into the center of the canals, and a 12th century castle (castle of the counts of Geneva) overlooks the village, which is on the edge of a pristine turquoise lake surrounded by snow-capped peaks. St. Francis de Sales, who was born in Annecy, was bishop from 1602 to 1622. In short, Annecy is absurdly picturesque.

Annecy, the lake

Area of the lake 22,59 km2 (third biggest french lake after Lake Geneva and Bourget Lake).
Altitude : 446,69 m
Medium depth : 41,50 m, 81 m at the "Trou du Boubioz"
Capacity : 1123 million m3
Natural discharge : river Thiou
Catchment area : 302,67 km2

Panorama of the lake

Webcams of the lake

Useful links

Annecy home page (in english)

Montmin home page (in french)

Faverges home page (in french)


Mt. Tournette : the crash site of Lt. Kenneth Vernon Halverson

The story of the crash of Lt. Kenneth Vernon Halverson,
pilot; 2nd Lt. K.R. Gauthier,co-pilot; M/Sgt R.L. Campbell and Sgt. C.D. Pavick.

None of the bodies were found on the same day. Gauthier was laying across a boulder and was found first. Lt. Halverson was the last one found.

The French Resistance volunteers held rifles over 31 German prisoners and made them use picks to recover the
bodies from the ice.
The plane was a Douglas C47B-1 DK Skytrain serial # 43-48449.

Tournette (La)

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