Tower Trail

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Connecticut, United States, North America
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Tower Trail
Created On: Jul 13, 2005
Last Edited On: Aug 28, 2010

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The view west from Talcott...

VIA TOWER TRAIL: From downtown Hartford take Route 44 west stay on Route 44 roughly 12 miles (including two miles after going over Talcott Mountain from the road. Once you reah the town of Avon make right onto 10-202 north take roughly five miles (Heublein Tower is visible is distance on your right. Make a right on Route 185 and head to the height of land. Make a right on the Talcott Mountain State Park. The trail will be 300 yards on your left with parking on the right.

Route Description

The Tower Trail
1.25 miles
500 feet elevation gain

The Tower Trail starts out as a wide trail that climbs to the summit ridge at a moderate pitch. This trail is extremly easy to follow at this point and is mostly gravel and dirty. The trail then comes up to the western cliff of Talcott Mountain at about 0.5 miles. There are excellent views to the west. However the dropoffs from the cliffs are about 300 feet so don't get too careless. The trail then becomes very gradual and at times level for the 0.1 miles, with continious views off to the west. The trail then go back into woods and stay very gradual for the next 0.5 miles. The then begins to ascend again at gradual to moderate pitch to summit of Talcott Mtn. The Metacomet Trail runs into the Tower trail roughly 200 yards before reaching the Heublein Tower.

Essential Gear

In summer shoes and maybe water (you might think about bringing your running shoes on this one). In winter bring gear to what is on the ground. If there is bear ground than just normal winter gear. However if there is a lot of snow on ground then yal-trak or snowshoes might be a good idea. There is abosoluetly no reason to have crampons on this trail.