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Huesca, Spain, Europe
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Tozal de Mallo
Created On: Jun 21, 2002
Last Edited On: Dec 15, 2004


Impressive shape, called the Hell in English. Fabulous mountain of calcareous rock that multitude of such possibilities offers us as numerous roads of escalade of different degrees as well as mountain routes that give us an impressive perspective of the ordesa valley. It is located in the calcareous Kingdom of Ordesa which is located inside the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido whose spectacular landscape contrasts between the extreme aridity of the deserted kárstics and the permanent presence of the water. This replete vertical paradise of magnificent walls, so much the somber north of the Cilindro, Marboré, Casco... as the sunny of Catatuero and Carriata, the solid calcareous higher Europe constitutes whose big blocks or closets and magnificent extraplumbs that the big fissures culminate offer us a vertical and air escalade, an indispensable destination for the lovers of the big walls. The rock is Calcareous.

The half height is of:

300 meters

The maximum height is of: 

400 meters

Number of Routes: 


Routes until V:


Routes of V+ at 6c+:


Routes of 7a at 7c+:


Routes of eighth:


Better Time:


Getting There

Period of operation Buses and Parking: Week Santa and from June 29 at October 13 inclusives. 
Description Parking: Tourisms, buses, motorcycles and bicycles have a parking located in the town of Torla, with capacity for 386 tourisms and 17 buses. 
Prices of the Parking: 
- Gratuitous of 20.00 at 09.00 hours. 
- For tourisms and motorcycles: of 09.00 at 20.00 hours, 0.5 €/hour. starting from the 24 hours of parking he/she will be carried out a discount of 20% of the total. 
- For buses: of 09.00 at 20.00 hours, 1.25 €/hora. starting from 24 hours of parking he/she will be carried out a discount of 20% of the total. 
- During the period of non operation of the bus service the parking is gratuitous the 24 hours. 
Schedule service Bus: The daily service of going, between Torla and the Prairie of Ordesa, will begin at the 06:00 hours -except in October that will begin at the 07:00 hours -. It will finish at the 19:00 hours in the months of July and August. In Week Santa and October, the schedule of ascent will be until the 18 hours. 
The daily service of turn between the Prairie of Ordesa and Torla will conclude at the 22:00 hours during the months of July and August. In Week Santa and October the last return will be at the 20:30 hours, and in September at the 21.00 hours. 
I price Billete Bus: 2.70 €/person (going and turn). Ida or Turn: 1.80 €, person. 
Exit intervals: Each 15 or 20 minutes -like half time - it will leave a bus from Torla until the parking of the Prairie of Ordesa, carrying out an only stop in the Center of Visitors The Inn." 
The capacity of the Park for preservation reasons belongs simultaneously to 1800 people, once overcome this the service will be suspended until this quantity descends with the return of visitors. 
It can consent on foot to the interior of the valley of Ordesa, for in old on the way to Torla to Ordesa during the whole year or in their particular vehicle during the periods of non operation of the bus service.

Red Tape

Camped: Except for in the Areas of Reservation, it is allowed to camp at night, without or with store of campaign of inferior external height or similar to 1.30 m. (that will be disassembled and retreat to the dawn), above the 2100 m. (Clavijas de Soaso) in the Sector Ordesa, of the 1800 m. (Fuenblanca) in the Sector Añisclo, of the 1800 m. (La Ralla) in the Sector of Escuaín and of the 2500 m. (Balcon de Pineta) in the Sector Pineta. 

Sport uses: The sport practices will always be subordinated to the conservation interests. The allowed sport modalities will be the excursionism, the escalade, the voyage ski on it snows and the speleology. In certain times and circumstances he/she will be able to settle down the authorization necessity on the part of the Administration of the Park. They won't be allowed practical sport of competition.


It is forbidden: 
- The incorporation to the waters of detergents, soaps, bleach or another type of substances or materials. 
- The bathroom or any other activity in the courses or masses of water. 
- The short one, start up, mutilation, destruction or damage of vegetables and the one caught or gathering of them, their parts, or remains. 
- The attraction, persecution, nuisance, damage, captures or death of animals, remains or residuals of its activity. 
- The loose one, transplant or another type of propagation of animal or vegetable species, be domestic or wild. 
- The fire use with any end, to exception of the use of apparatuses of camping site-gas to cook and to produce light related with the one camped night. 
- The abandonment, deposit or I hurtle, outside of the places and prepared to such an effect, of papers, boats, bottles, plastics, butts or waste of any type. 
- The occupation of lands of the National Park of Ordesa and Lost Mount for the parking of vehicles, caravans, tows, outside of the specifically authorized parkings and for the installation in the whole territory of the Park, of coats, parasols, hammocks, seats, seats, tables and any other mobile device. 
- The practice of sport activities not allowed in the Plan Rector of Use and Administration or of those allowed, without authorization, when it is established their obligatoried and, anyway, the celebration of sport competitions. 
- The installation of antennas, screens, excellent devices or others that affect to the harmony of the landscape. 
- The launching or precipitation of stones or other objects, as well as the use of elements that you/they can remain in the air (globes, comets, parapents, wings delta, aeroflygth, flying helixes, etc.). 
- The deterioration or destruction of the infrastructure characteristic of the Park. 
- The realization of inscriptions, signs, signs or drawings, in the land or in stones, rocks, trees, or in the goods furniture or properties characteristic of the Park. 
- The use of megaphones, horns or whistles and the use of radio apparatuses or of sound reproduction with volume that is annoying. 
- The installation of posters of publicity or any advertising manifestation. 
- The realization of any use of the natural resources of the Park, in particular the fishing and the hunt. 
- To transport outside of vehicles the everything or it leaves of: weapons of any class, arts or means that are good to attract, to pursue, to frighten, to damage, to give death or to capture the animals. - To take loose dogs in interior of the same one

Climbing routes

Name Difficulty
1 Espolón oeste 120m, MD inf
2 Murciana 400m, MD+, A1
3 Karrhum 400m, ED
4 Brujas 400m, ED o MD, máximo 6c, obl. V+/A1
5 Black Kiss 400m, ED
6 Catalanes/Pizcazo 400m, MD, A2
7 Franco Española 400m, MD, A2
8 José María Morros 360m, ED
9 Ravier 340m, MD, máx 6a, obl V+/A0
10 Anthropos 350m, ED, máx 7a, obl 6a/A0
11 Bailima 350m, ED, máx 6b+, obl 6a/A1
12 Anglada/Civis 330m, MD, máx 6a+, obl V+/A0
13 Despiau 340m, MD sup, máx 6b, obl V+/A1
14 Tic-Tac 250m, ED, máx 7a, obl 6b/A2
15 El cerdito valiente 250m, ED+, máx 7a, obl 6a/6a+
16 Aliaga 200m, MD máx 6a, obl V+/A0
17 Gómez/Khan 100m, MD, máx V, obl V
18 Travesía Santacana  

When To Climb

In the summer time it is where but we will appreciate the beauty of this place, being also the but appropriate to practice the escalade in rock. In winter its also offers us a spectacular landscape, although we should go very prepared for the snow and the cold.




Name Direcction Tf
Ordesa Ctra. Ordesa s/n 974 486 125
Río Ara Avda. de Ordesa s/n
974 486 248
San Antón Ctra. Ordesa (a 2 km de Torla)
974 486 063
San Nicolés de Bujaruelo Bujaruelo
974 486 428
Valle de Bujaruelo Ctra. Bujaruelo s/n
974 486 348
Viu Ctra. Biescas-Ordesa km. 484
974 486 301


Mesón de San Nicolás de Bujaruelo.
Fence of the River it Plows, 1.340 mts, 24 squares. Proprietor: Ayto of Torla. Located in the esplanada of Bujaruelo, to the foot of the ravine of Lapazosa. Restored great house and rehabilitated for tavern. Services: You take a shower, it dilutes hot, bar, restaurant.

High Valley of the Altar, 1.580 mts, 10 squares. Ayto. of Torla. Located in the left riverbank of the river it plows, in front of the ravine of Ordiso. Shepherds' refuge without comfort some.

Cerbillonar (Batanes).
Fence delAra, 1.800 mts, 4/6 squares. Ayto. of Torla. Located in the head of the valley, in front of the ravine of Espelunz. Small refuge of pastoral use.

Plana de Sandaruelo.
Fence of the Altar, 1.680 mts, 8 squares. ICONA. Located in the right riverbank of the ravine of Lapazosa. Small refuge of pastoral use.

"Cabaña de eléctricas", Collado de Bujaruelo.
High Valley of the Altar, 2.120 mts. Located in the one in route to the hill of Bujaruelo, in the right riverbank of the ravine. Big, very deteriorated, without comforts and dirty.

Fence of the Altar, 1.033 mts, 21 squares. Gerard aguirre and Didier Derrac. Located in the urban helmet of Torla. He/she marries restored and conditioned as housing. Services: Bar, foods. Open the whole year.

Ordesa, 1.750 mts. COMENA. Located in the circus of I Roast, right margin of the river Arazas. Old refuge of shepherds, without service neither furniture.

Ordesa, 2.200 mts, 100 squares. F.A.M. Located on the circus of I Roast, in the left riverbank of the ravine of Góriz. Kept refuge and open the whole year. Services: Run bunks, tavern, foods, washbasins, aid radio-telephone, box offices.

Mountain Conditions

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  • Page with the form of arriving, schedules and prices of buses. It also contains pictures and a detailed journey

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Tozal de Mallo (2,220 m / 7,283 ft).

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Tozal de Mallo

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