Traversing South Bohinj Range

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Traversing South Bohinj Range
Created On: Dec 15, 2004
Last Edited On: Mar 6, 2006


South Bohinj Range (SBR) is not varying much in altitude, so it is very appropriate for a long trek in which we traverse it as a whole. Its core part can be done in two days, the whole range is best done in three days. The two options are:

1. A three days trek:

First day: Leave one car at Savica hut, drive with the other one on Sorica or Soriska planina and do the part to Crna prst hut. 6h.
Second day: Go by the ridge from Crna prst to Vogel and down to Razor planina hut. 7h.
Third day: Climb the ridge again and do the rest to Bogatinska vratca. Descend to Savica hut. 11h-12h.

1. A two days trek:

First day: Leave one car at Savica hut, drive with the other one on Ravne above Bohinjska Bistrica. Ascend Crna Prst and do the ridge to Vogel. Descend to Razor planina hut. 10h.
Second day: Climb the ridge again and do the rest to Bogatinska vratca. Descend to Savica hut. 11h-12h.

Below the whole trek is divided into characteristic sections.

Sorica - Lajnar - Mozic - Vrh Bace

The easternmost part of SBR is relatively low, but still interesting for hiking. From the beautifully lying Sorica (village) we start hiking west of the village, on the road to Podbrdo. The path goes up by southern slopes of Dravh, 1547m and brings you on the saddle between Dravh and Lajnar. Dravh summit is close, but you will probably proceed towards west and ascend Lajnar, 1549m, which is interesting because of its nice views and still preserved fortifications from times after the World War I. From its summit we proceed allways by the main ridge towards north-west (Slatnik, 1600m). Right below us are the slopes of ski center Soriska planina. After passing Slatnik we reach on a saddle, where we decide whether to visit also the summit of Mozic,

whether to proceed further towards west. Visiting Mozic, 1616m, means going by the marked path some 20min towards north and coming back. From the saddle below Slatnik, the main path descends considerably on Vrh Bace (saddle), 1273m.

Although 'vrh' in Slovenian language usually means 'peak' or 'summit', it can mean also 'on top of'. Vrh Bace is a saddle and means on top of the area, which is south of it and is called Baca. This saddle was in past one of the most important transport connections between Bohinj valley and south. Now it is abandoned because of the road connection over Sorica and the railway connection through Kobla tunnel.

Vrh Bace - Crna Prst

From Vrh Bace the main path ascends again slowly through forests towards west. We keep on the northern, Bohinj side of the main crest and in 30min reach the upper station of Kobla ski cableway. The summit of Kobla, 1498m, is not far on our left.

Kobla summit is the highest point of an interesting ski resort above Bohinjska Bistrica. Although not having much ski-lifts, it is intersting, because it can be reached by train and because of a relatively big altitude difference.

From Kobla we descend towards west again and soon reach Planina za Crno goro (pasture), 1362m, from where to the summit of Crna Prst a bit less than 500m of ascent is waiting for us. First we go through a forest, higher the path finds a narrow grassy ravine, through which it ascends on the main ridge (Cez Suho pass, 1760m). Then by the main ridge to the hut and the summit a few meters above it (1844m).

Crna Prst has its name by dark (black) decayed rocks below its summit. But it is most known because of its broad view (from here, we can in a clear day already see the mirror of Adriatic see), its pleasant hut and abundance of its flora early in summer. In June and early July the grassy slopes of Crna Prst are covered with colourful carpets of flowers, some of them being also endemic.

Bohinjska Bistrica - Crna Prst

The second, usual way to reach Crna Prst is by the marked path, with which we can best start on Ravne above Bohinjska Bistrica (road to here, otherwise 30min walk). We first continue by the road towards west, but soon signs direct us left upwards. Through forests we persistently gain altitude, cross the second forest road and continue allways up and a bit towards right. The path comes out of the forest on the abandoned pasture Za Liscem (Lisec is a mountain west of it). We cross the flat former pasture and ascend to the north face of Crna Prst. As it is rocky, our path turns left, crosses steep slopes and brings us on the main ridge of SBR east of Crna Prst (Cez Suho pass, 1760m). We follow the ridge to its top.

Podbrdo - Crna Prst

The third usual option to ascend Crna Prst is from south. From Podbrdo, a good and marked path goes towards north, first through forests, later over broad and steep grassy slopes. These slopes are in late spring and early summer full of flowers. The path below the main ridge is quite steep, so we gain altitude quickly. After we reach the main ridge (Cez Suho pass, 1760m), we follow it towards west to the summit.

Crna Prst - Rodica

On Crna Prst the real crest trek begins. The marked path leads us towards west, first on top of the crest, later on its south slopes. So it avoids some less important summits: Cetrt, 1832m, Konjski vrh, 1872m. On some places the path is steep and exposed. Left of us are very steep grassy slopes, which were in past fully exploited by local farmers. They were known to cut the grass with crampons on their feet! Going further the trek becomes more and more picturesque. Approaching Raskovec summits we notice interesting vertical rock layers of Suha Rodica, 1944m. The path again avoids the summit of Veliki Raskovec, 1967m, on the saddle west of it we see towards north a small karst plateau and the summit of Mali Raskovec, beyond it. All these summits are easily reachable, if we have enough time. But our marked path continues towards west. Now we can't avoid the ascent to one of the most important summits of SBR, on Rodica, 1966m. By the main ridge we soon gain altitude and reach the highest point.

Rodica is known as one of the most popular summits for tour skiing aroun Bohinj. Its western slope is just ideal, but that's already a story for another description...

Rodica - Sija

Hiking this part of SBR, means first following the main ridge. Below Rodica there was once a water reservoir, but in recent years I never found it useful. A little up and down towards west brings us to Cez Suho pass, 1773m. The same name as east of Crna Prst (suha means dry), also this pass was in past much used as a connection between Bohinj and Baca valley. On Suha pass the path turns again on northern slopes. So it avoids the rocky ridge towards Sija. This is also a possible (very steep in winter!) approach to Rodica, when coming on a ski tour from ski-lifts on Vogel resort, from Visoki Orlov rob, 1800m. In summer the path goes through pine bushes a bit down and then crossing Sija slopes up on the saddle between Visoki Orlov rob and Sija. From here, the summit of Sija, 1880m, can be easily reached in 15min. The path is good, but not marked.

Sija - Vogel - Razor planina

From the saddle below Sija the main path crosses western slopes of Sija and in some ups and downs continues towards the summit of Vogel. We are moving all the time on the northern side of the main ridge. Here is a broad plateau, with some hills, so attractive during tour skiing season. Reaching the summit massif of Vogel we step again on the main ridge, but from here to the summit it's sharp again. Those, who want to feel rocks in hands and do some easy climbing (UIAA 1+), can ascend the summit directly by its east ridge, sworn hikers will have to cross northern slopes until the path reaches the shoulder NW of the summit and then turn left and reach the summit, 1922m. We are now standing on the mid point of SBR.

If we have no equipment to spend a night outside, we must descend from Vogel to Razor planina, where a fine hut stands. It's worth going there anyway, because there's the best cuisine in all Slovenian mountain huts! The path down is clearly seen. First it goes towards S by the ridge to Zabiski Kuk, but soon it turns right and crosses broad grassy slopes far towards west, down to nice alpine pastures of Razor planina. The hut is hidden among big old oaks, on the altitude of 1320m.

If we can sleep outside, it's best to do a part of the crest before the night, because tomorrow's last stage is very long. So we descend from Vogel by the main ridge towards north-west into Globoko (saddle, again an important pass from northern to southern side), 1828m, and, preferably, further towards west. From Globoko the main ridge soon becomes sharp again. There's no more marked path! We can follow the main ridge, choosing best passages, first without climbing, later we have to use hands on some places. Climbing is not hard, but the ridge is quite exposed. We avoid all troubles on the left, southern side. So we cross some unimportant peaks, in saddles among them we can allways find flat places to spend there a night and next day continue to Vrh nad Skrbino summit.

Razor Planina - Vrh nad Skrbino - Skrbina

Next morning we first need to reach the main crest again. Todays stage is very long, so unless we are very fit it is best to go by the marked path towards north-west, crossing the south slopes of this part of SBR and ascend Vrh nad Skrbino as the first peak today. The longer option is, to go up northwards on Globoko (saddle), 1828m, and then by the whole narrow and exposed ridge to Vrh nad Skrbino (see the previous chapter).

From the hut, the marked path consistently gains altitude. After less than 1h, we reach the broad plateau south of Vrh nad Skrbino. We cross it through pine bushes and reach the point, where we need to branch to right and follow a tiny marked path, which leads upwards. The main path crosses south slopes and reaches Skrbina (notch), 1910m, so using it, we would stay without today's first nice summit. The summit ascent path soon reaches a rocky part, vhere we must climb over some steep steps, and above them almost equally steep grassy slopes. In summer, when grass is high, we must carefully track the path, otherwise there are no major problems with orientation. The direction is simply: upwards. The path ends on the very summit, 2054m.

The descent from Vrh nad Skrbino to the notch is the only ferrata in this long trek. The upper part is a steep rocky ridge, where we must carefully step down. It's crumbly and exposed too, so take care. After crossing a small ravine in the western face, the climbing part begins. Marks lead us right on the main ridge and over it through a narrow chimney down towards the notch. Passages are well secured, the rocky face is not high and soon we stand on the narrow notch, 1910m. Also here, it's possible to descend on northern side.

Skrbina - Zeleni vrh - Tolminski Kuk - Saddle NW of Kuk

West of Skrbina the highest mountains of SBR stand. This is the trio: Podrta gora (Ruined Mountain), Zeleni vrh (Green Peak) and Tolminski Kuk (Tolmin Peak). By crossing the whole SBR Podrta gora is usually omitted. It can be ascended by the main ridge from Skrbina (easy climb, UIAA II.) or from the marked path, which crosses its S and W slopes by the W face (ridge, UIAA I). Following the marked path we cross southern slopes of Podrta gora and reach the saddle between it and Zeleni vrh. From here, a steep ravine, filled with gravel, goes down towards north. This is the attractive ski approach from Komna plateau. But our path keeps going over south slopes of Zeleni vrh. These are not steep, we can ascend anywhere, although the path goes first a bit left around and then to the summit. Just below the summit there's an interesting chasm on the ridge. As its name suggests, Zeleni vrh has a nice grassy carpet on its top.

Further we go! Our marked path descends comfortably to the saddle between Zeleni vrh and Tolminski Kuk. Also here a passage towards north-east (on Komna side) is possible and is also done in times of tour skiing. (Descents on S and W side are allways possible here.) From the saddle we again ascend over southern slopes of Kuk and finally reach the highest summit of the SBR, 2085m. Time to enjoy a broad panorama! The descent from Kuk to the saddle NW of it is steep and rocky again. Follow carefully signs, as out of the trail the descent could become unpleasant and dangerous. We expect to reach the saddle quickly, but this part can last almost 30min. Finally we stand on the flat ground, where again passages to both (left and right) side are possible.

Saddle NW of Kuk - Mahavscek (Veliki Bogatin) - (Mali) Bogatin - Bogatinsko sedlo

Here, the main crest has already a distinct N direction (instead of yesterday's W direction). Above the saddle a sharp grassy peak rises (Vrh Planje, 1971m) and the trail ascends it directly. But you can also think of going around by E side, where you can also find a marked path. The bypass looks not long in the beginning, but if we go below, we soon see steep rocky slopes above us, so the only possibility is to go further around, crossing grassy slopes. Savings are minimal, so it is probably nevertheless best to follow the main ridge from the saddle on. Crossing or bypassing the Vrh Planje summit, brings us on Vrh Skrli, 1926m, the saddle in the main crest, where Mahavscek NE ridge begins. This is a nice, grassy slope, which bring us in some 20min to the last 2000-er in SBR. The marked path crosses the summit of Mahavscek, 2008m, and descends on the saddle between the two Bogatins. It depends on our time whether we ascend also the last Summit - Mali Bogatin, 1977m, od we bypass it on its western (left) side. The western path is easy and broad, going to the summit is also not hard, but for a descent it is better to choose west slopes than the ridge directly down on Bogatinsko sedlo, 1803m.

Bogatinsko sedlo - Dom na Komni - Savica hut

Finally only the long descent in Bohinj is awaiting us. The path on Komna plateau is broad and very frequented. This is the former Austro-Hungarian supply path from the World War 1. Because of a considerable distance, we reach Dom na Komni, 1525m in 1h 30min. From there the path turns down into Bohinj valley. In many turns we must loose another 950m of altitude. Our car is faithfully waiting at Savica hut (and cold beer as well).

Essential Gear

Good hiking shoes, sticks. Perhaps sleeping equipment (see the description).

Miscellaneous Info

If you have information about this route that doesn't pertain to any of the other sections, please add it here.

Traversing South Bohinj Range

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