Travessia Route

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Petrópolis / Teresópolis, Brazil, South America
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Hiking, Mountaineering, Trad Climbing, Sport Climbing, Big Wall, Mixed, Scrambling
Spring, Fall, Winter
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One to two days
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Class 4

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Travessia Route
Created On: May 29, 2005
Last Edited On: Nov 16, 2009


Travessia is one of the most classic trails of Serra dos Órgãos, known for the hikers how the hardest trail of the Serra dos Órgãos National Park. Highly difficult, with passages on the highest peaks of the mountain range, crossing the Park by the high plateau having spetacular views of the biggest vertical walls of Brazil. 32 km separates the entrances of the track, needing to have a common-sense of direction to walk by this trail. At the higher plateau, the vegetation is tripping and the rocks predominates at the summits, becoming the trail different all the moments. The Travessia is known as the passage of Morro Açu (2232 mts) to Pedra do Sino (2275 mts.) and this part of the trail only has 12 km.
Travessia big walls. This...Portais de Hercules - Travessia Trail


Travessia offers differents landscapes depending on where it will be. Peaks, valleys, big walls, plateaus, forest, creeks are found in the passage. There are places known in the Travessia how : Morro Açu, Pedra do Sino and Dedo de Deus.
At first, São João, Santo...Travessia Overviews

The Trail

We can characterize the track for some parts:
* Morro Açu ascent : Are 8 km and about 3 - 5 hours of track.
* The Travessia : The crossing of the main points of the National Park - Morro Açu to Pedra do Sino. Are 12 km and 5 - 7 hours of track.
* Pedra do Sino descending : Are 12 km and 3 - 5 hours of track.
The trekkers cam opt to camp in the passage - 3 days, or make the trail of one alone time - one day.
This is an important view of...Antas Valley - Travessia Route Km20

Morro do Açu Ascent

The first difficult of Travessia. This part of the trail is very inclinate and very tiring. The trekker passes by Pedra do Queijo point and could see a beautiful sunset, after this, Ajax camping area, with a good water point and Chapadão is last "chapter" of this part, with a long plateau ascent to Morro Açu.
From Castelo do Açu summit,...Sunset from Castelos do Açu Trail - Travessia Route Km8

Travessia Trail

The Travessia trail passes by some high mountains of National Park ( Morro da Luva - 2263 mts, Castelitos, Papudo, Cabeça do Dinossauro...) and have many places to get water, to rest and to take some good pictures of the landscapes. The track is marked by totens to guide the mountaineers to the correct way.
The last pass before Pedra do...The Bottleneck - Last pass before Pedra do Sino - Travessia Route Km21

Pedra do Sino Descending

When the trekkers arrive in this part of the trail, the legs are tired but have 15 km to the National Park exit. The only advantage of the trail is to be a long zigzag until the end. It is an easy track, marked well and with some points of water supply.

Travessia mountains

There are some high mountains in the Serra dos Órgãos passage.

Serra dos Órgãos National Park

The mountaineers will have to pay a tax ( US$ 5 per day ) and the knapsacks will be conferred in the park entrance. It's not allowed the entrance of inflamable liquids, knives, firearms and drugs.

Weather Conditions

Enter here to see Brazil's weather and the forecasts

When to Climb

Chosse a good weekend to make the walked, therefore when the time is good, the trail will be easier . At winter, the weather is good and cold to walk there.
Summer : 5°C - 35°C ( Dec - Mar )
Winter : - 5°C - 25°C ( Apr - Sep )

Camping Area

There are many places to camp at The Travessia.

Sun Section

I'm trying to show the fantastic lights capted on the Travessia trail. This is the main event to see if you go to walk on this mountains. Make the price that you pay walking to the top and, you'll know what I'm saying about.

Getting there

To get there, go to the same way to Castelos do Açu or Pedra do Sino. Travessia is the most fantastic trail to walk in Parna-SO.

Travessia Route

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