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...nice and, maybe, underrated mountain. Summit is nailed with 90m high TV tower and congested with infrastructure, rest of the main ridge is more scenic.

North side of the mountain is also hosting some nice old castles,like Gracarjev turn. This one was burnt down by partisans during WWII, however the owner Herbert von Schoeppl decided to cooperate with them. As a reward, he was given back his castle once the war ended and Herbert was the only private castle owner in communist Slovenia. In the medieval age, north (Slovenian) side was a refuge for the rebel protestants. South (Croatian) side was deserted untill it was colonised by so called "Uskoci", pirates and their families resettled from the East Adriatic piratic stronghold of Senj. Todays southern villagers are their descendants. They are Greek-Catholics by religion. On the old Habsburg maps the whole mountain is usually labelled "Uskokgebirge"
Small red tape addition as well, Southern (Croat) side of the Zumberak/Gorjanci is Nature Park
Nature Park website

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