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Created On: Feb 9, 2011
Last Edited On: Feb 19, 2017
Copper RidgeThis page is for organizational purposes only. It contains links I visit frequently for trips I am planning for this year or next (or for who knows when) as well as photos I have come across that I want to be able to easily find for future reference, printing, etc. And since I occassionally need to e-mail multiple links to people (non SP members) that come on trips with me, having all the info in one easy to e-mail link will be a bonus (I wish I would have thought of this a long time ago!).

2017 - North Cascades

Current Game Plan - Mount Baker Wilderness and North Cascades National Park

Mount Baker Area/NCNP

Copper Ridge

Ptarmigan Ridge - Day Hike

Trails Illustrated Map - NC NP

North Cascades National Park

Crater Mountain

Black Peak or Frisco Mountain

Trails Illustrated Map - NC NP



Alice and Chiefs Head

Spectacle Lakes, Ypsilon and Fairchild

Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park Page - SP

Trails Illustrated Maps of GNP

NPS Trail Maps

Holy Cross Wilderness

Mount of the Holy Cross - Halo Ridge Route

Holy Cross Ridge Route

13,618 and 13,768 topo

Trails Illustrated Map

Sangre de Cristo

Crestones from Pico

SP Sangre page

Crestone Peak - Route

Pico Asilado

Trails Illustrated Map

Kit Carson/Challenger

Bears Playgound Route

Columbia-Karson Route TR

Elk Range

SP Elk Range page

North Maroon - Route

Cathedral Peak

Linville Gorge

Linville Gorge

Map Index

Rock Jock

Detailed Gorge Map

Gorge PDF Map

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Cardendas Butte

Escalante Butte

San Juans

San Juan Range

Ice Lake Basin
Vermilion Peak
Golden Horn
Ice Lake Basin Topo + V2 & V4
Ice Lake Topo
Pic - From near V2
V4 and Island Lake
View of Ice Lake BasinE

Blue Lakes Basin
Mount Sneffels
Sneffels Route - Blue Lake Basin
Blue Lake Basin
T O Trip Report
S 5

Wetterhorn Basin
Wetterhorn - Southeast Ridge Route
Wetterhorn Basin Approach TR

Vestal Basin
Arrow Peak
Arrow's Ramp Route
Lower Ramp

Mount Garfield
Garfield Route Topo

Trip Report 1
Trip Report 2
Trip Report - Trinity Traverse
Trinity Traverse 2

Wind River Range

Wind River Chronicles Part IV

SP Winds Page

Tourist Creek Route

Tourist Creek TR

Photo Albums

New Fork Canyon

Photos - New Fork Canyon-Peak Lake

Other Cascades Stuff

Current Game Plan - North Cascades National Park, Glacier Peak Wilderness, Enchantments/Alpine Lakes Wilderness

North Cascades National Park

Crater Mountain

Black Peak or Frisco Mountain

Trails Illustrated Map - NC NP

Glacier Peak Wilderness

Seven Fingered Jack

Garland Peak

Trails Illustrated - Glacier Peak Wilderness

Alpine Lakes Wilderness

McClellan Peak or Little Annapurna

Cashmere Mountain(?)

Mount Daniel

Trails Illustrated Map - Alpine Lakes Wilderness

Eightmile Campground



Other Peak Options Close to NCNP
Glacier Peak Wilderness
Snowking Mountain (fall to avoid snow)

Mountain Loop Highway
Del Campo Peak or Vesper Peak

Trails Illustrated - Mountain Loop Highway

NCNP - Other
Sourdough Mountain
Winchester Mountain
Kitling Peak
Buckner Mountain via SW Slope
Granite Mountain (with Hannegan Peak)
Little Devil Peak
Excelsior Peak

ALW - Other
The Echantments
Mount Stuart via Cascadian Couloir
Kaleetan Peak
Labyrinth Mountain

Davis Peak

Glacier Peak Wilderness - Other
Glacier Peak Gonna need help for this one - and probably 2014!
Fortress Mountain
Chiwawa Mountain

Mount Baker Highway
Mount Baker Highway
Trails Illustrated Map - Baker Scenic Highway

Olympic National Park

Mount Washington (Olympics)
Upper Royal Basin (Olympics, can be combined with Fricaba when snow melts)
South Ingalls

North Carolina

Bartram Trail

Trip Planning Stash

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