Trips from Hahlici hut

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Location Lat/Lon: 45.46160°N / 14.46780°E
Additional Information Route Type: Hikes - Rock Climbing
Additional Information Time Required: Half a day
Additional Information Difficulty: Walk-up to UIAA I-II
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Obruc (1376m): 1.20h

From the hut descent to the junction below Cunina Glava (1158m). Left path descends to Podkilavac while you turn right. Soon there are 2 junctions, both leading towards right. 1st goes towards Suhi Vrh (1280m) and Fratar (1353m) peaks while second leads into Pakleno. 10mins from the hut you reach grassy pass Vrh Planine between Cunina Glava and Obruc where beautiful view towards west opens. There is yet another junction here where from left approach Klana route and variation of 1st Potkilavac route.

Soon behind path reaches foot of long southern ridge of Obruc where is yet another junction. Right path leads towards Burni Val (1340m) and into Pakleno. Our path begins to climb steeply over mixed grassy and rocky ridge with wide views. In next 1.10h path sticks to the ridge while terrain changes many times. Till you reach the summit on the menu are meadows, few rocky ‘peaks’, beech and fir groves. Before final climb there is sudden but short descent to the pass between last head on the ridge and main summit.

Suhi Vrh (1280m) & Fratar (1353m): 40mins & 1h

In the beginning same as towards Obruc then take above mentioned 1st right junction. Path ascends some 20mins through mixed beech and spruce forest till the junction where is left another 20mins till the summit, shortly through the forest, after over bare rock slope. View from the summit is beautiful towards the sea and into the Pakleno area. Suhi Vrh is one of most interesting peaks of Obruc mountain, being bare rock cone which sticks above the forest.

Fratar is similar but much bigger. Its easy to say that it is most beautiful peak of Obruc, with most beautiful panorama. It is also bare rock cone which not only sticks but when comparing to Suhi Vrh towers above the forest. Upper half is bare rocky with some dwarf pine. From the junction below Suhi vrh path continues in slight left bend around it till the pass between it and Fratar, which you reach in additional 10mins. From here very steep ascent to the summit lasts 30mins. Lower part which is bit longer is difficult forested rocky terrain while above is bare rock.

Pakleno (Bucov Plato 1305m): 1.10h

The beginning of the route is the same as towards Obruc. Take there mentioned 2nd right path which leads into Pakleno and begins just before Obruc route reaches Vrh Planine pass, 10mins. Path gradually ascends through the forest. In 10mins you’ll reach junction where left is towards Obruc and Burni Val while right is to Pakleno. Just few minutes behind is another junction where right path leads toward Suhi Vrh (1280m). I guess people from Kamenjak club realized that there is simply too many marked paths on Obruc so they intentionally neglected couple of them. That is the case with approach to Suhi Vrh from this (western) side.

Behind this junction is immediate small pass or rather shoulder of Suhi Vrh. Path crosses over it and traverses area north of Suhi Vrh. In some 10mins you'll reach, yes, yet another junction where toward right path leads to the pass between Fratar and Suhi Vrh. Marks on this path have also been intentionally neglected and are impossible to follow because they are barely visible. If you know how to read map properly you’ll get there. Without it terrain is really difficult to orientate.

Behind this junction is short climb to the next junction which is beginning of Pakleno circle. Here you have a choice to do it clockwise or counter clockwise. I suggest left or clockwise and that is how I’ll describe it. Right path leads not only to Pakleno because along this section of the circle there are 2 junctions, one of them leads to Osoje which signs indicate.

Once you turn left it is relief, no more junctions for quite some time. Path ascents steeply through the forest for some 20mins. On top of the climb wood plate says it is Bucov Plato, one of the summits of Pakleno. Well actually the real summit is a minute further but since it made of bare rock there was nothing to put the plate on. Bucov Plato is very interesting spot. As the name says summit has a shape of small plateau (Plato on Croatian) but once on it you see that plateau is made of numerous pillars. From here it is fantastic view of amazing karst of Pakleno.

From the Bucov Plato path or rather marks descent deep into Pakleno over real hell of terrain (Pakleno = Hell or Like in Hell). First over bare rock terrain which is like scree made of large and very sharp rocks. Once you reach edge of the forest it gets even more steeper and wilder. In some 20mins you reach bottom where is one of two junctions from which marks lead to the summit of Napa (range-hood). 1st one you reached in this direction is easier (UIAA I) while 2nd, which is just minute away, is tougher and better for ascent. About the second route Vid says: UIAA II degre, 5m high vertical step, above which the route gets easier. But besides the only mark below, on the beginning, there are no more marks on the route above that step. I followed a shallow, steep ravine and the sharp edge right of it, but anyway you soon hit the route #1. Napa is huge rock block at the bottom of Pakleno, surrounded with beech and spruce forest. It takes some 10mins of climbing over broken cliffs to the summit from which is beautiful view on karst of Pakleno.

Immediately after passing below beautiful overhanging cliffs of Napa, after you descent from it, is junction where towards left path leads to Previjak pass while you continue straight. After few minutes is junction where towards left path leads to the summit of Osoje (1338m). Behind this spot path descend few minutes till the junction where circle began. Left is towards Hahlici.

Cunina Glava (1158m): 10min

Cunina Glava is nice grassy peak placed west of Hahlici hut. Together with Obruc (1376m) it is placed on the western edge of high part of Obruc mountain. Also Cunina Glava marks the SW edge of central area. Since nothing obscures the view towards the most beautiful part of the Obruc panorama, view is beautiful towards the sea and Ucka (1401m) mountain on the west. Being only 10mins away from Hahlici hut it is favorite ‘sunset’ peak among the mountaineers.



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