Tristenbach Fall WI3 +

Tristenbach Fall WI3 +

Page Type: Route
Lat/Lon: 46.96784°N / 12.07861°E
Route Type: Ice Climbing
Season: Winter
Time Required: Half a day
Difficulty: WI3+
Number of Pitches: 3
Grade: III


The Tristenbach Fall is one of the easier routes in the Ahrntal valley, located in South Tirol, Italy.
The ice quality in the route is different and the best time to climb is when its very cold, otherwise there is a lot of water in the route.
The Tristenbach Fall is a very nice Fall for beginners because it offers the option to exit after the first length.
Tristenbach Fall WI3

Getting There

The village you start is Rein in Taufers, you follow the street in the valley and leave the car at the last park range, 10 minutes behind Rein.
From there you are able to see the upper part of the Tristenbach Fall.
Tristenbach Fall WI3

Follow the street for 10 minutes and cross the bridge at your right.
Follow the footpath with the number 8c and the sign to the Waterfall.
The approach follows the brooke bed and so you reach automatically the begin of the fall.

Route Description

The first pitch of the route is a 30 meter high part with good ice quality WI3.
Tristenbach Fall WI3

At the top of the first pitch you have the possibility to build a stand with some iron hooks, or you follow the snow field up to the second pitch and build your stand there with ice srews.
The second length is the longest and more difficult part of the route, 35 meters WI3+. At the top of the second pitch you have to build a stand with ice screws.
Tristenbach Fall WI3

The third part of the Tristenbach Fall is an easier one, 20meters WI3, following a small gully. At that top, build your stand again with screws or use some of the trees around.
To descent, the best way is to walk down, at the right side of the fall, through the wood, you will reach the starting point of the tour on that way, a rappell down the fall is not recommendable, the options are very rare and to walk down is the best and easiest way.

Essential Gear

Full ice climbing equipment,
ice tools,
two 55 meter half ropes
helmet and of course some ice screws.
Snowshoes for the approach are needful.
Avalanche gear is not necessary, thar route is not in an avalanche exposed position.