Tumova smer (Tumova route)

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Julian Alps / Kanin Group, Italy/Slovenia, Europe
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Rock climbing
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A long day

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Tumova smer (Tumova route)
Created On: Aug 29, 2004
Last Edited On: Aug 30, 2004


If we look Jerebica like a climbing mountain we can say it is a queen of climbing in valley of Koritnica. Jerebica has two faces which are belonging to the most beautiful faces in Slovenia. South face is nice and is showing kindly face but the NE face is totally diffrent. It is showing dark face and all routes have high estimations of difficulty. But the rock is great.

Our route is the easiest in the NE face. The first ascent was done by the famous Henrik Tuma. First the route follows the main ravine then turns right to the on of the smaller ravines.

To the entry you come from border Predel after a ridge to the Jerebica. The entry is on the right of the ridge in big ravine. You must descend a few meters.

Route Description

First you climb the entry to the ravine and then you climb on the right side of the ravine..on the shelves. And you follow shelves to the somewhere in the middle of the face where you climb the hardest point and then turn right to the smaller ravine and over its to the summit.

Essential Gear

Rope, helmet and other stuff.

Miscellaneous Info

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Tumova smer (Tumova route)

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