Twin Sisters

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Twin Sisters
Created On: Aug 25, 2009
Last Edited On: Nov 19, 2010

The Twin Sisters Peaks

Toward the Twin Sisters TraiheadRoad to Trailhead
Twin Sisters above Highway 7Twin Sisters from Highway 7
Twin Sisters from Lake EstesTwin Sister from Lake Estes
I really like the Twin Sisters Peaks in Rocky Mountain National Park. They are impressive looking from almost every side or angle. They provide an easy and enjoyable hike to the summit with spectacular views in all directions. The trailhead is about one quarter mile off highway 7 directly across from Lily Lake. There is ample parking along the dirt road. The trailhead is at 9,160 feet. The summit is 11,428 for an elevation gain of 2,268 feet over 3.4 miles. I climbed the north sister in August 2008 and the adjoining Tower Summit in August 2009. It took me about 2 1/4 hour each time. I include photos I have taken of the Sisters from various viewpoints as well as pictures detailing most of the climb. I hope that you enjoy these and climb this mountain yourself if you haven't already.
The Twin Sisters Peaks are easily visible from Estes Park. The photo on the left north of the Mountain shows the Crags in the foreground and the summit behind. The trail to the summit winds from west to eat above the Crags but below the summit.
The trail starts out with a series of long swistchbacks through the woods with a fiarly gradual grade. It is very pleasant hiking. The trail leads to the south given that it started below the Crags but must eventually pas to their sooh in order to reach the east side of the mountain. Unlike many of the trails in the park, this one does not pass any streams or lakes. There will occasionally be a nice view of Estes Cone and longs and Meeker directly to the west as the trail gains altitude. Eventually you have a view of the bluffs above and the Crags below as the trail swings east to access the other side of the mountain. As the trail turns from east to south on the east side of the peak you get an excellent view of the Mummy Range to the northwest. There are several short switchbacks at this point which are the steepest part of the climb but still not bad. At that point the trail rises above the timberline and gradually climbs through the rocks to the saddle between the summits. You know that you are almost there when the radion tower on the north summit comes into view. The short climb to the east summit provise s great view od Longs ans Meeker stright west, highway 7 23oo feet below, Estes park and the Mummy range to the north and off toward the Indian peaks to the south. A scramble to the tue summit across the gulley is rewarding. The acual summit with a meatal mark is quite slender with a shapr drpo off to the south. There is a nice rocky scramble to this summit.

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Twin Sisters

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