Uintah Photo Hunt Trip 3

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Uintah Photo Hunt Trip  3
Created On: Oct 30, 2006
Last Edited On: Nov 8, 2006

Another attempt to locate the "lost last lake"

Of all the pictures left behind by the two dead women, perhaps the most crucial one remained unidentified after my two photo-hunting trips to Uintas (left).

Just when I was about to give up looking, and to postpone any further search till summer, I came across an intriguing photo in Scott Patterson's book. There on page 82 was an image of a lake with low-slung peninsulas and a lone fir tree guarging the more distant point. This being a small faded B&W reproduction, I couldn't figure out if it might be it, but it sure caught attention.

So I loaded skis and dogs and headed for Island Lake. Skis had to stay in the car, the recent warm spell took most of the snow away from South-facing slopes. But in a compensation of sorts, we've been able to bag East Long Peak and Mount Watson on the way back from Island Lake.

The verdict? Not Island Lake. As to all other lakes one can see from the mountaintops ... yes the "mystery" lake it is visible on one of the pictures in this gallery.

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Uintah Photo Hunt Trip 3

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