Ulrichshorn at sunrise and in the evening light

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Ulrichshorn at sunrise and in the evening light
Created On: Sep 16, 2009
Last Edited On: Jan 11, 2017
Ulrichshorn at sunrise and sunset

From Ulrichshorn (3925 m) you have a panoramic view of Lenzspitze and the Nadelgrat.

  • Sunrise on the North East Ridge (Photo by jonmitsch)
    ULRICHSHORN at the end of the ridge

  • NadelhornSunrise on the North East Ridge - Ulrichshorn

  • Lenzspitze - Nadelhorn - Ulrichshorn (Photo by om, 11/2001)

  • Lenzspitze, Nadelhorn, UlrichshornLenzspitze, Nadelhorn, Ulrichshorn

  • Early - Mischabel Group from Lagginhorn NW Ridge immediately before sunrise
    (Photo by HungarySagehen, 7/4/2009)

    ULRICHSHORN in the foreground on the right, in front of the Nadelgrat

  • Windjoch Route - Panoramic view - Ulrichshorn - Windjoch - East side (Photos by Artoirius, roadmountain, Hiltrud Liu, andrea.it, om)

  • Mischabel Group at sunrise. Seen from a beautiful bivouac spot above the Wiwannihütte, 2008.
    (Photo by Jurgen Mesman )

  • Sunrise on the Mischabel Group during the ascent of the Lagginhorn
    Rimpfischhorn - Allalinhorn - Alphubel - Täschhorn - Dom - Lenzspitze - Nadelhorn - Stecknadelhorn - Hohberghorn - Dirruhorn - Weisshorn
    (Photo by Jurgen Mesman )

    ULRICHSHORN in the foreground

  • Ulrichshorn and the Nadelgrat (Photo by Hiltrud Liu)

  • Clouds above the Nadelgrat and UlrichshornLenzspitze, Nadelhorn, Hohberghorn, Ulrichshorn

  • Ulrichshorn (Photo by Hiltrud Liu)

  • Ulrichshorn Ulrichshorn


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Ulrichshorn at sunrise and in the evening light

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