Uruashraju high camp

It wasn't exactly where we had planned to put up our high camp, but in hindsight, it was the perfect spot!

We had wanted to camp on the large glacier basin west of Nevado Uruashraju, but to get there, we would have to cross the west ridge of Uruashraju Norte. When we got to this point, we decided against that. This was a nice, sheltered spot, and, more importantly, Pierre had forgotten his food in base camp, and since this wasn't prohibitively far, he figured he could still go back and get it.

As we would learn tomorrow, camping north of this ridge was an excellent decision: up to this point, the route was easy, but getting over that ridge proved to be a lot more work than we had expected. It was a good thing we didn't have to do that with all our gear!

18 July 2011.


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