Uruashraju NW face, with route outline

We're on the west ridge of Uruashraju Norte, looking at the main peak. When I saw this face, I didn't quite see how we could get up there ...

The direct approach is clearly too dangerous, with all those seracs, and too steep as well. The rocky ridge on the left also looks well beyond my capabilities. So, we descended to the basin, and when we got closer to the mountain, the slope on the right turned out to be not quite as steep as it appears in this photo. From below, we couldn't see how things were higher up, but we started climbing, and every time we encountered one problem or another, we found a way around it.

I didn't record the route, but using my photos, my notes and Google Earth, I reconstructed what we did and placed the dots accordingly. It's probably not 100% accurate, but I believe it's pretty close. The crux was about half way, with a steep icy pitch.

Zoom in for a better view.

19 July 2011.


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