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Practising self-arrest on north slope of West Baldy, San Gabriel Mountains, Jan. 21, 2006.


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McCannster - Mar 20, 2006 1:17 am - Voted 10/10


Is it just me, or does this slope look insanely steep?

Augie Medina

Augie Medina - Mar 25, 2006 4:26 am - Hasn't voted

Re: Wow


It's a very, very steep slope. You wouldn't want to fall there and not immediately self arrest.


hgrapid - Jun 9, 2007 9:56 pm - Voted 10/10

Where is this?

Where was this shot taken?

Augie Medina

Augie Medina - Jun 11, 2007 11:24 am - Hasn't voted

Re: Where is this?

North face of West Baldy. West Baldy is maybe a quarter of a mile along a connecting ridge from the more well known peak Mt. Baldy (offically Mt. San Antonio)(10,064'). These two peaks are at the east end of southern California's San Gabriel Mountains and are about 35-40 miles from downtown L.A.

Augie Medina

Augie Medina - Sep 16, 2007 12:20 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: Augie...


That was Jan. 2006. The coverage on that slope was solid and hard. Be interested to hear what it's like to go to W. Baldy from that canyon bottom.



tanya - Dec 18, 2007 11:12 pm - Voted 10/10

That's a long way down!

Not somewhere to go sledding I guess.; ;)

Augie Medina

Augie Medina - Dec 19, 2007 11:16 am - Hasn't voted

Re: That's a long way down!

Not unless your sled had some amazing brakes on it! Happy Holidays Tanya.



tanya - Dec 19, 2007 10:37 pm - Voted 10/10

Re: That's a long way down!

Happy Holidays to you too Augie :)


Moonduster - Sep 3, 2009 1:19 am - Voted 10/10

Mt. Baldy

This looks like something I would ski. How many months out of the year does it hold snow? I have inlaws in LA and could fit this into my plan.

Augie Medina

Augie Medina - Sep 3, 2009 1:46 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: Mt. Baldy

Just during the winter. Melts pretty fast once the snow stops falling.


Tomek Lodowy

Tomek Lodowy - Dec 10, 2010 8:14 pm - Voted 10/10

brrrrrrrrrr !

that looks a bit threatening ! wow

Augie Medina

Augie Medina - Dec 10, 2010 8:50 pm - Hasn't voted

Re: brrrrrrrrrr !

Yes. With that hard pack surface you really have to be careful. Thanks for commenting.

Tomek Lodowy

Tomek Lodowy - Dec 10, 2010 8:56 pm - Voted 10/10

Re: brrrrrrrrrr !

I think I wouldn't have tried that one !

the thought of slipping down down down... no, maybe next time hehhh

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