Utah 13ers

Utah, United States, North America
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These are all the 13’ers in Utah that have over 200 foot prominence. Peaks without official names are in quotations. Names were taken from benchmarks, usage in guidebooks, or from the nearest named feature (such as a lake or peak). Peaks with mountain pages and photographs are in bold.

One thing that makes Utah's 13'ers different, then say the Colorado 14'ers, is that the distances from the nearest roads are usually much greater for the Utah 13'ers. Tokewanna is actually the closest 13'er in Utah to any road, but it is still over 15 miles from the nearest road round-trip. Some of the peaks along the Kings Emmons Ridge are around 40 miles round trip from the nearest roads!

Interestingly, Kings Peak, the highest of the 13’ers in Utah is also the easiest of the peaks. Equally interesting is that the lowest of the 13’ers, East Lovenia is also the hardest of the 13’ers. All the 13’ers in Utah are from class 2 to class 4 by their easiest route. By far the vast majority are class 2+ to class 3+, and there are only a few exceptions. There are some vertical faces, but technical rock climbing is seldom done on these peaks due to the fractured nature of the rock. I know of no technical climbs that have been done on the higher vertical faces (such as the north face of Henrys Fork Peak or the north face of Wilson Peak), and this is for good reason. Plan on more scrambling routes than technical routes on the Utah 13’ers.
Henrys Fork Peak

The List

Rank Peak Name Elevation Prominence Range Topo Map North coord. West Coord.
1 Kings Peak 13,528 6348 Uintas Kings Peak 40.776 110.372
2 South Kings Peak 13,512 372 Uintas Mount Powell 40.766 110.377
3 Gilbert Peak 13,442 1554 Uintas Kings Peak 40.824 110.34
4 Mount Emmons 13,440 930 Uintas Mount Emmons 40.742 110.352
5 "Painter Peak" 13,387 329 Uintas Kings Peak 40.753 110.358
6 "Roberts Peak" 13,287 402 Uintas Mount Emmons 40.736 110.338
7 "Gunsight Peak" 13,263 638 Uintas Kings Peak 40.803 110.352
8 "Henrys Fork Peak" 13,260 560 Uintas Mount Powell 40.788 110.398
9 "Trail Rider Peak" 13,247 362 Uintas Mount Emmons 40.742 110.352
10 Mount Lovenia 13,219 1459 Uintas Mount Lovenia 40.577 110.606
11 "South Mount Emmons" 13,170 270 Uintas Mount Emmons 40.704 110.311
12 Tokewanna Peak 13,165 1305 Uintas Mount Lovenia 40.81 110.623
13 Mount Powell 13,159 1296 Uintas Mount Powell 40.798 110.425
14 "Wasatch Benchmark" 13,156 1296 Uintas Mount Lovenia 40.783 110.623
15 "West Gunsight Peak" 13,103 653 Uintas Kings Peak 40.791 110.365
16 "North Mount Emmons" 13,068 481 Uintas Mount Emmons 40.723 110.317
17 Wilson Peak 13,060 1300 Uintas Mount Powell 40.776 110.461
18 "NW Wasatch" 13,039 259 Uintas Red Knob 40.793 110.636
19 "East Lovenia" 13,032 772 Uintas Mount Lovenia 40.763 110.582

West Gunsight Pk, 5/22/05

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