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Location Lat/Lon: 70.70000°N / 52.13°W
Additional Information County: Greenland
Activities Activities: Mountaineering, Skiing
Additional Information Elevation: 3855 ft / 1175 m
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The Uummannaq RockHeart-Shaped Mountain
Uummannaq Mountain is located on Uummannaq Island, which is at the Northwest coast of Greenland.

The climb of the Uummannaq Rock requires serious technical skills. It rises very sharply from sea level to a height of 1170 m and it has the shape of the heart of a seal. Indeed, "uummannaq" is the Greenlandic word for "heart-shaped", the Danish had named Uummannaq rock as "Hjertefjeldet" which means also "Heartshaped Mountain".

The high arctic weather conditions make the climb very difficult. Until 1992, only two teams had managed to climb the mountain. There is only little information available about more recent ascends.

In terms of weather, Uummannaq is in one of the country's most stable fjords. This is the place with the greatest number of sunshine hours recorded during the Greenlandic summer.

Getting There

Winter in Northwest of Greenland

The town Uummannaq is located at the base of the mountain. The town has a population of around 2500 people and 5000 dogs. It is the base to Greenland's most northerly ferry terminal, 700 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, just north of Disko Island. Qaanaaq (Thule) lies several hundred miles further north.

Air Greenland operates air services to Uummannaq all year round.

In addition to being a hunting and fishing base, there is a canning factory and a marble quarry located near Uummannaq town.

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